Hey! My exam just ended and i have nothing to do, so... third article in a day!!! I found this article some days ago

Make sure you check it, it's wonderful!

and wanted to make one myself, so here we go!

Favourite Household

ancient, beautiful, and blue image moon, night, and sky image alice in wonderland, mad, and alice image black and lips image
Sakamaki Household

Favourite Skamaki Character/s

aesthetic, blue, and chemistry image fancy, royal, and tea image book and black and white image sad image
Reiji Sakamaki

Favourite Mukami Character/s

book, library, and vintage image clams, food, and pasta image
Ruki Mukami
gold, microphone, and sing image cute image
Kou Mukami

Favourite Tsukinami character

Actually don't have one... (oops!)

Character I Hate

crown, gold, and Queen image black, gothic, and heartless image murder, quiet, and quotes image purple, statues, and poligamy image
Karl Heinz

Name, age, height and race

quotes, love, and broken image Greece, travel, and beautiful image life, quotes, and short image im only human, im not perfect, and nobodyperfect image
Theodosia Mikos, 18, 163cm, human


hair, curls, and curly image rainbow, grunge, and tumblr image Image by princessofdreams1 lips, aesthetic, and makeup image girl, body, and fitness image alternative, dragonfly, and body image


shy, quotes, and people image love, quotes, and care image book, imagination, and writer image quotes, book, and perfection image quotes, pink, and soft image procastinator and lastminute work image


yellow, fashion, and outfit image fashion, kfashion, and pink image fashion, blue, and style image shoes, lace, and socks image fashion, white, and aesthetic image fashion, kfashion, and asian image


crosswords image dulces image Image by marie m. annoying, bugs, and face image
Laito Sakamaki
hair, flowers, and aesthetic image fashion and pink image quotes, sweet, and innocent image pink, cute, and kawaii image
Yui Komori


chess, game, and vintage image inspiracion, vintage, and reloj image feelings, quotes, and sad image beautiful, important, and intelligence image
Crushing REALLY hard on Reiji <3

Hope you liked it, it took a looong time, believe me! ^^' (But i had lot of fun!)