🌴 water balloon fight
🌴 tie dye shirts
🌴 go bowling
🌴 get sun Tattoos
🌴 go to a water park
🌴 full day binge watch Netflix (Riverdale, the office, friends, Mindy project, unsolved, Jane the virgin)
🌴 have a beach day
🌴 go canoeing, Kayaking
🌴 go horseback riding
🌴 get a henna Tattoo
🌴 have photoshoots (in the city, on rooftops, at the beach, on country roads)
🌴 visit flower fields
🌴 fruit picking (berries)
🌴 binge watch youtube (Kavari Vlogs, Emma Chamberlain, KKBabyJ, Bramfam, Murillo Twins)
🌴 go hiking
🌴 go on bike rides
🌴 improve morning routine
🌴 take care of skin, hair
🌴 skyzone
🌴 work out (butt, abs, legs, arms)
🌴 amusement/ Theme Park
🌴 zip lining
🌴 have random ass roadtrips
🌴 visit haunted houses
🌴 have karaoke nights
🌴 thrift shopping
🌴 try new outfits/ looks/ styles
🌴 have outdoor movie nights
🌴 bake and cook
🌴 go to a drive in
🌴 watch fire works
🌴 visit carnivals, festivals
🌴 vlog and take pics of everything you do
🌴 go for runs in the morning/ night
🌴 watch the sunrise and sunset
🌴 have a bonfire
🌴 make a summer playlist; here is mine https://itunes.apple.com/ca/playlist/summa-18/pl.u-KVXBD4JFZy88X2x (I keep adding more and new songs)
🌴 try new food and meals
🌴 go on boatrides
🌴 go fishing early in the AM
🌴 meet as many new ppl as possible
🌴 have a family BBQ
🌴 dye hair
🌴 go for ice cream
🌴 have a picnic
🌴 eat breakfast outside (backyard)
🌴 do body paint (back, thighs, arms)
🌴 eat waffles
🌴 get nails did
🌴 get a temporary/ permanent tattoo
🌴 get a new piercing
🌴 take polaroid pictures
🌴 dance in the rain
🌴 go to the movie theatre
🌴 clean closet
🌴 improve insta feed
🌴 go on shopping sprees
🌴 host sleepovers
🌴 go stargazing
🌴 stay up all night
🌴 Make homemade popcorn
🌴 go on rooftops
🌴 pool party
🌴 go to the zoo
🌴 braid each others hair
🌴 have a spa day
🌴 make and sell lemonade
🌴 go to a concert
🌴 visit another city