Hi, guys! I hope you enjoy this.

1. Your favorite male character?

elijah, daniel gillies, and the vampire diaries image aesthetic, character, and edit image

2. Your favorite female character?

aesthetic, series, and The Originals image sad, rebekah mikaelson, and series image

3. Your least favorite male character?

4. Your least favorite female character?

5. Your favorite ship?

The Originals and haylijah image beautiful, gorgeous, and king image phoebe tonkin, The Originals, and daniel gillies image phoebe tonkin, daniel gillies, and haylijah image

6. The vampire diaries or The originals?
The originals.

the vampire diaries, klaus, and tvd image the vampire diaries, rebekah mikaelson, and tvd image The Originals image The Originals and klaus image

7. The character that is most like you?

The Originals, klaus, and klaus mikaelson image joseph morgan, The Originals, and klaus mikaelson image joseph morgan, The Originals, and klaus mikaelson image The Originals, klaus, and klaus mikaelson image

8. Hayley or Freya?
I love them both but Hayley.

The Originals, phoebe tonkin, and joseph morgan image The Originals, klaus mikaelson, and hayley marshall image

9. Do you like Davina?
Hell yeah. She may hate Mikaelsons but she's too cute to hate. And I love the small relationship she and Elijah had at the beggining. I mean, he was so sweet to her.

babe, beautiful, and danielle campbell image Image removed

10. Do you blame Elijah for Hayley's death?
NO FUCKING WAY! Why would someone blame him? Yes, he loves her more than anyting but Marcel compelled him to forget everything and everyone. And that was a strong one. Marcel is stronger that an original now. So, no I would never blame Elijah for Hayley's death. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS REACTION WHEN HE REMEMBERS HOW HAYLEY ASKED HIM TO HELP HER BUT HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING BECAUSE HE DIDN'T RECOGNIZE HER??? If someone blames Elijah, stay away.