Deandor is a country ruled by male monarchs and is one of the 6 kingdoms of the Ashana Empire. Deandor is known for its outstanding buildings and economy. Deandor's house crest is a bumble bee with two swords behind its wings, symbolizing a balance between dignity and power

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the two monarchs that led to the first woman to become a ruler was the most dramatic and stressful period of time the kingdom has ever gone through, once she was on the throne the country saw a drastic change in society.



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56th monarch of deandor

King Edgar was a king of Deandor, his reign was a fearful one to those around him. Edgar was known to have violent outburst and verbally abuse his children and wife. He would make innocent men and women put their lives on the line for his rule. Many women would grace his bed and lie with him before he got bored and called for another, he had countless bastards.

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the ruthless king

parents: king fergous & queen delancey
siblings: none
appearance: buzzed black hair, dark brown eyes, 5'11



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the ice queen of deandor

Queen Alexandra was the wife to King Edgar and Princess of The northern kingdom of Saviel. She was forced to wed Edgar as a peace treaty to seal the two nation in harmony. She hated her husband, she would talk back and give him a piece of her mind, the only thing stopping her from running away from her husband and back to her homeland was her children. No one could deny that her children were the reason Deandor had a queen.

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the mother of deandor

parents: lord adamson & lady tellias
siblings: duke raider
appearance: smooth silver hair, ice blue eyes, 5'6"



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the fallen prince of deandor

Prince Victor was the glory of his father and the nation, he was the heir to the throne, he was a strong young man, handsome as well. unlike his father, Victor was kind and compassionate to those around him. He was extremely close to his sisters, making sure his duty as a brother was fufilled. After his father died from an illness, he was set to be crowned king all the kingdom was excited until it was cut short as he was assassinated and killed before he could be named the 57th monarch of deandor.

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the destined ruler

parents: king edgar & queen alexandra
siblings: queen genivive, princess emalinia & princess brianna
appearance: light blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5'12"



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the 57th monarch of deandor

Queen Genivive is the first female ruler in the history of Deandor, though she has respectfully earned the title it has not come to her without a price. Genivive had to endure years of verbal degradation from her father, then after he arranged for her to marry an ArchDuke in court, her fiancee became heavily abusive and cheated multiple times. She finally found freedom after becoming queen, she cut off her engagement and set to wed a handsome king of Ardonia; King James, who she loved dearly.

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the radiant queen

parents: king edgar & queen alexandra
siblings: prince victor, princess emalinia & princess brianna
appearance: long brown hair, dark blue eyes, 5'5"



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king of ardonia

James is the current reigning monarch in the country of ardonia. he was the eldest of five children, four boys and one girl. he has been known around the empire of Ashana as the shining king or the ladies' king. his beauty is known across the 6 kingdoms, he has cut himself off from other women, most people have now thought of him as an introvert or interested in men. James had eyes for one woman, his friend's younger sister, princess genivive.

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the shining king

parents: king willison & queen olivia
siblings: prince thomas, prince quinn, prince peter & princess elyssa
appearance: shaggy sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'2"



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the huntress of deandor

Princess Emalinia is the 3rd born child to King Edgar & Queen Alexandra. She was named after her great-grandmother on her mother's side. Emalinia grew up being a very quiet but witty girl, she spent her time watching her father's men fight and train for war. but her favourite thing to do was practice archery with a few of the soldiers. When the princess was sixteen years old she was sexually harrassed by a son of a man in court, thus she told her family that she would remain untouched and a virgin for the rest of her lifetime. Now that Emalinia didn't have the burden of trying to find a husband she is now spending her time hunting and prancing through the dense woods.

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the virgin of deandor

parents: king edgar & queen alexandra
siblings: prince victor, queen genivive & princess brianna
appearance: short light brown hair, dark brown eyes, 5'4"



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the lover of deandor

Princess Brianna is the youngest child and the happiest. She hardly spent time with her father so she didn't have to endure the constant harassment. As a child, her favourite pass time was to wander the castle grounds, plucking flowers from the never-ending gardens to give to her mother. As she grew older she learnt to value of love, she had many flings with multiple princes across different nations, it wasn't until she met a young general by the name of Alexander that she truly fell in love

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the youth of deandor

parents: queen alexandra & king edgar
siblings: queen genivive, prince victor & princess emalinia
appearance: silver eyes, bright blonde hair, 5'4"



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general of the deandorian army

Alexander Romanov was born in the country of deandor. He was raised in a relatively rich household, too rich to be deemed as peasants but not too rich to be called nobility. his parents cared a gave him special education fit for the military as his father worked as a lieutenant to the country's army. His two sister were not properly educated though since they were much younger than Alexander. finally, at the age of 17 he joined the deandorian army, five years later he would be promoted to the general and the queen's guard under queen genivive, it was there he met Princess Brianna and where he would start a scandalous affair with the princess.

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house romanov

parents: winstor romanov & donatellia romanov
siblings: amelia romanov & kadey romanov
appearance: dark brown hair, striking green eyes & 6'1"