Hello my lovely Hearters,
I hope you are all doing great :)
In this article I wanted to talk about some problems on We Heart it.
In past three years I noticed that pictures get less hearts as they used to. For example I post pictures every day and I noticed that they have less and less hearts... Now I get 200 hearts but back in the days my pictures used to get 1000 hearts ( this is weird because now I have more followers)
Same thing is going on with popular images, yesterdays most popular image has 786 hearts. The most popular image in July 3 rd in 2013 has 38 717 hearts.

venice, italy, and travel image summer, beach, and indie image
2013 vs 2018

It is obvious that people are not so active anymore and they don't heart images as they used to.
I am wondering why ? Why are Hearters no more active, why they did stop using WHI ?
I would like to get now some active WHI users ( please DM me ) and talk with them experiences.
I would also like some new thing here on WHI, for example it would be great if we could delete old messages, it would be great if we could comment on pictures and there are so many stuff that WHI Team should improve .
It is not all that bad there some new lovely features like articles and channels, which I like so much. I would like to see more new and creative things like that :)

whi, whiheart, and heart image whi, whiheart, and heart image

In the end I would like to make some friends with people who want to change some things here on WHI so please DM to me if you are active user and if you can speak English, so please help me by hearting and sharing this article


I am working on another article in the moment( how to make whi popular again), so all you who have some ideas how to improve WHI DM me :)
And ofc stay tuned for next articles :)