we are all told we have to be perfect,
that there is a way to be perfect but they never
come up with an accurate description of somebody
who's supposedly perfect even
when it comes to their mind set.
nobody should compare themselves to others,
we all have different figure,
shorter or taller,
have abit more curses then others
and not the same.

do you believe there is perfection?
the true definition:
1.having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.
"she strove to be the perfect wife"
synonyms: ideal, model, without fault, faultless, flawless, consummate, quintessential, exemplary, best, best-example, ultimate, copybook
nobody walking or breathing on earth could fit this definition
so neither others or ourselves should
compare, judge, harm or change ourselves
just for others.
not only because their possible judgement
but our own.
we can not compare our appearance to others
beauty has nothing to do with the reflection in the mirror
but who you are as a person,
how dedicated you are to being
considerate and kind to not only others but yourself.
about how much you strive daily to have the
best possible day and live your life to your standards.
appearance doesn't matter as much as the content

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