Hello sweetie pies , if you’re watching this, I’m dead.
(not really)
The past week I finally see Ready Player One the movie and I didn't know if I want to do a review 'cause I was kind of mad , but also is because I really love the book , I mean it's fantastic and super entertaining.
And as I know that you like when people complain (I like it too) I decide to do it. But not everything it's about complaining , there's lot of things that I love about this movie too.
So , let this begin.

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I know movies are a tiny and more fast version of books , but I didn't like that in the movie everyone were friends , I mean in the book Shoto and Daito don't trust Wade (Until you know what happened to Daito in real life) , In the movie they change that , I must admit that I liked that gesture.
Also I don't like they made Aech a mechanic . I mean , what? He had his little club where people can play and read things. And finally, I hate that in the movie changed the places where the keys were.

Now the good things with some quotes

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My name’s Wade Watts. My dad picked that name because it sounded like a superhero’s alter-ego, like Peter Parker or Bruce Banner, but he died when I was a kid, my mom too, and I ended up here.

Some lines of the movie are exactly like the book (like that one) , I love the spaces in the movie, I imagined something like that, but they made it bigger and impressive and I really really love the actors too.

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I mean,Tye it's 😍 my sweetie pie. (bad joke,I know)

They made a freaking good job with the OASIS world ,no one can lie and finally the soundtrack it's just perfect.

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Who is this 'Parzival' and how the hell is he winning?

Putting all together , the movie it is good not exactly like the book , but the adaptations are just that, adaptations. At least we can be happy that our favorite characters come alive in the big screen.

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