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Favorite member

gif, tattoo, and zayn malik image zayn malik, one direction, and 1d image
This cutie. Yeah I cried pretty much when he left the band and to be honest now I feel very stupid for crying that much but damn I love(d) him so much and it hurt a lot.

I'm gonna leave this right here hehe

First song you heard

one direction, liam payne, and zayn malik image one direction, Lyrics, and one thing image
One thing

Favorite song

louis, MM, and 1d image Image by Helenโ™ก
Something great

Favorite song cover

use somebody and one direction image boyband, louis, and concert image
Use somebody

Favorite album

Image by Bebร– mitam image
Four and MITAM

Favorite song from Up All Night

louis, up all night, and 1d image lyric, Lyrics, and same mistakes image
Same mistakes

Favorite song from Take Me Home

black and white, gif, and two hands image one direction, Lyrics, and over again image
Over Again

Favorite song from Midnight Memories

one direction image happily, one direction, and Lyrics image
I already said my fav song which is in this album (something great) but I'll have to answer: Happily

Favorite song from Four

aesthetic, clouds, and Lyrics image header and overlay image
Fool's gold

Favorite song from Made In The AM

Image by fa6ma_stylinson quotes, night, and one direction image

Favorite music video

one direction, louis tomlinson, and midnight memories image one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image
Midnight memories

Have you been to any concerts?

one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image fireworks, concert, and one direction image
Sadly no, I couldn't attend a concert of them

Favorite ship between the boys

zayn malik, louistomlinson, and zouis image zayn malik, one direction, and louis tomlinson image zayn malik, louis tomlinson, and one direction image bae, crush, and boys image
Zouis, their friendship is gold

Favorite era

one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image Image removed
2013 to 2015

Do you own any merch?

meme, reaction, and kpop image louis, niall, and zayn image
Yup, all their albums and their perfumes, posters and a shirt

Favorite solo Harry song

Harry Styles, harry, and style image city, wallpaper, and new york image
Ever since New York

Favorite solo Niall song

breakdown, flicker, and girl image niall horan, horan, and niall image

Favorite solo Liam song

june, pink, and short hair image zedd, liam payne, and get low image
Get low

Favorite solo Louis song

just like you and louis tomlinson image louis tomlinson, one direction, and louis image
Just like you

Favorite solo Zayn song

art, perfect, and beautiful image truth, malik, and zayn malik image

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