HI GIRLS! I'm Noemi, a normal 16-years-old girl who lives near Milan, Italy. I also wanted to try writing an article and then I decide to make a presentation article.


As I wrote at the beginnig I'm an Italian girl of 16 years with different passions and interests. Let's start from the beginning: I was born on September 28th 2001 in Varese (a city near Milan). I have 2 younger sisters, they're my life. We often fight, but we love each other very much. I attend the third year of high School of Human Sciences. I have practiced many sports including swimming, athletics and horxe riding, Now to keep me in shape in do boxing. This is a very short summary of my life.


On my profile I created 6 collection. 3 of these collections represent 3 of my passions; while the other 3 represent things that i like and things important for me.
These 3 collections represent what is important for me:

Love is constant of life
Friendship is also a fundamental thing in life, like love
Here are phrases, in different languages, that deal with everything (self-esteem, love, friendship, quotes and more)

These 3 collections represent my passions:

The Art
Interior design


I hope you understand what I've written, if I've made some mistakes, I'm so sorry, but English isn't unfortunately my mative Language.

The cover imagine is a picture my (the girl with the glasses) and my friends at the Palace of Caserta