Name: Adeline Kaligaris

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Adeline is a feminine given name meaning 'noble' or 'nobility'.


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Adeline has pale blue eyes like her twin Gracie, but Adeline's hair is a little darker then hers. She has a couple of ear piercings that wears tiny gold jewelry in. Adeline is slim yet fit, she's a few pounds heaver then Gracie, but she is not overweight at all.


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Since Adeline loves wearing clothes with patterns such as thin strips and plaid, she prefers to wear sneakers or heels with one solid color.


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Adeline doesn't normally like too much jewelry, but she always wears a ankle with a Hamsa hand on it and a ring with a white opal ball in the center and she wears it on her index finger. When she wears a necklace she either where's the locket that Ms. Carter, the care taker of her orphanage, gave her for Christmas; and/or she wears two thin necklaces at the same time.


The absence of Adeline and Gracie's parents has been really hard on her, she is scared of people leaving her, so when she finds her father she drops her defenses because she wants to believe he wants to stay. Adeline has little to no interest in romance, with everything going on she doesn't think she can handle it.

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Adeline has two tattoos, a colored and well detailed rose next to the side of her left boob and a little outline of Earth with a small plane going around it.

Zodiac Sign:

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Gracie and Adeline were born on July 3rd which makes them Cancers.