I know this girl who can do a perfect cartwheel, eat a whole block of chocolate, read a book in a fraction of the time it takes everyone around her, and has a passion for photography and music.

She gets way too little sleep and always forgets to drink water, partly because she constantly has other things on her mind and partly because she is never home. She dances 7-8 hours a week and is never sure if her friends actually like her or not but sweeps it to the side because she thinks life is to short to freak out over such small and likely false things when you're as young as she is.

This girl has a habit of making terrible jokes and then laughing way to hard, (proof considering that her favourite joke is "why couldn't the man find his map... because he lost his map") She knows it probably shouldn't, but that joke gets her every single time. Her room is also always slightly messy but thats okay because she is too far in some other world to realise, whether that be the world of a book, song, new show on Netflix, or the internet.

I suppose you could say I know this girl pretty well. I guess I should. This girl is me, and this is my introduction to my journey to a positive lifestyle.

I feel like one way to get to know me is to know my lists. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I make a list. I am yet to actually stick to my list or complete one, but I feel better having wrote one all the same.

► Traits I want to have
► Life goals
► Places to travel
► People that inspire me
► Things that make me happy
► Spotify playlists I want to make
► Habits I want to have
► Things to do when bored
► Meals everyone should know how to cook
► Staple items for every wardrobe

My goal is to use WeHeartIt to not only share my journey to a more happy and positive lifestyle with anyone else who may be interested, but to also create a self and welcoming space for all.

Hope you have a lovely day / night,
Sarah signing out ✌️