1. Runaway

forest, nature, and tree image
"I was dancing in the rain. I felt alive and I can't complain. But now take me home. Take me home where I belong. I can't take it anymore."

2. Conqueror

girl, nature, and grunge image
"I've been looking for the conqueror, but you don't seem to come my way."

3. Running With The Wolves

dance with wolves image
"A gift and curse, they track and hurt."

4. Through The Eyes Of A Child

child, water, and black and white image
"World is covered by our trails, scars we cover up with paint. Watch them preach in sour lies. I would rather see this world through the eyes of a child."

5. Warrior

weeklyhearts image
"Let love conquer your mind warrior."

6. Half The World Away

broken, cold, and emptiness image
"I would like to leave this city. This old town don't smell too pretty."

7. Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

sand, black and white, and beach image

8. I Went Too Far - MK Remix

lace, fantasy, and butterfly image

9. Queendom

fantasy, rings, and girl image