Name: Claire
Age: 17
Birthday: September 23rd


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Light brown hair with natural highlights, hazel-green eyes. Small and petite, but also toned.

Famous for...

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Acting, famous from being part of the marvel fam <3 and a reaccuring character in criminal minds.


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Usually super casual but trendy, leaning towards a badass vibe which juxtaposes my small stature. But can also be super extra when needed...or not.


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Love messing around with my friends, super childish and loves joking around. I'm quite active and don't like just sitting still, the world is my playground.


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It all started at comic con, where i saw the cast of civil war. I was there to understand more about the franchise so i would be prepared for the casting call of Spiderman homecoming, i got to meet everyone but Tom Holland was the one that caught my eye. After the encounter, i auditioned and got the role. We became bestfriends on set and from that we started dating.

My Squad

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Harrison Osterfield (DUH), Zendaya (QUEEN), Joey King (BABE), Dylan O'Brien (MEME)