Summer Aesthetics

girl, fashion, and hair image pizza, beach, and summer image
Throwing your salty hair into a bun and going to dinner.
girl image food, breakfast, and pancakes image
Chill mornings with the window open, making breakfast & music playing
beach, summer, and girl image beach, mountain, and girls image beach, body, and swim image Image removed
Tanning & looking for cute boys at the beach
girl, photography, and aesthetic image girl, fashion, and car image aesthetic, nowhere, and vintage image car, travel, and vans image
Road trips, screaming music at the tops of your lungs with your friends and the windows rolled down
Daria, party, and cartoon image pizza, food, and girl image
Staying up late eating junk food and watching old movies
feet, flowers, and nature image summer image
Going barefoot everywhere
beauty, brown, and face image aesthetic, girls, and beauty image
Not having to wear makeup because of your tan skin
delicious, food, and healthy image Image removed
making big bowls of fruits
black and white, photography, and cat image Image removed
Taking pictures everywhere you go
beach, black, and blond image Image by Mika
Living in bathing suits and shorts

- xoxo, bea