If you'd like to know more send me a message or message me on instagram (xppaige) and I'd be more than happy to help!

1. Firstly, get all your dead ends cut off, even if it means sacrificing 3-4 inches! Your hair will not grow properly otherwise. This is the most important step for me personally and helped my hair grow the most

2. Maintain your hair with regular trims every 5 months. Im not sure how often you're supposed but thats how often I go and I get about half an inch - an inch cut off even if I don't need to, it just keeps your ends thick and healthy!

3. Once or twice a week I put coconut oil in my hair and really massage in into my scalp, thats gonna help promote hair growth and I promise you it works!! Leaving it in over night works best but if you don't have the time I would suggest at least around 4 hours

4. Stop using heat! Or cut down as much as you can. I've found that since my hair is healthier I don't actually need to use much heat on it anymore, I just straighten the bits that need it

5. ALWAYS put you hair in a braid at night, it will protect it from getting damaged and messy while you sleep. Even if I've straightened my hair I still do it so it stays nice and untangled

6. One of the best things to do is invest in a shampoo & conditioner that are more natural so they won't have any harsh chemicals in them. I live in New Zealand so its quite hard to find sulfate and silicone free shampoos & conditioners but I've found that Essano (which is a NZ brand) are all plant based are work so well! Also Loreal botanicals are amazing!!

7. Use some type of leave in conditioner/oil because thats really going to moisturise your hair and keep it soft. I always put a pea-sized about of argan oil (I use the Essao one) into my hair every night before going to bed and it leaves my hair so soft in the morning!

8. Now I'm just gonna go onto the basics like drinking water, eating good food and exercise. I drink alot of water anyway but personally I haven't seen it do much for my hair but water is so good for you anyway! You can also take a multi-vitamin and/or biotin, im not at the moment just because I don't like swallowing pills so im trying to find a gummy one!

I have heaps more but I don't wanna make this too long! So like I said if you'd like do know more don't hesitate to give me a message ❤️