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i think the title is pretty self-explanatory so on to the playlist.

also i only made aesthetics for some songs, others just have the a picture of the artist or something related.

! disclaimer ! i have a kinda weird taste in music, i like a bit of everything (apart from country and metal whoops) but most of it is blackbear, panic! and the 1975 so prepare yourself? i guess.


anxiety - blackbear ft frnd

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" and it gets harder just to breathe,
feel like the walls are closing in "


back to you - louis tomlinson ft bebe rexha & digital farm animals

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"so you can cut me up and kiss me harder,
you could be the pill to ease the pain "


cherry cola - kuwada

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" before you i was drowning way deep in this fountain
pulled me to the surface no way i deserve this "


desire - years and years

years&years, years & years, and olly alexander image
" give me that rush, i want to show you what you've been missing
am i enough to keep your other lovers hidden "


emperor's new clothes - panic! at the disco

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" heroes always get remembered
but you know legends never die "


familiar - j balvin & liam payne

liam payne image
" i just wanted to get your name but
if it's cool i wanna get inside your brains "


girls - the 1975

aesthetic and the1975 image
" they're just girls breaking hearts,
eyes bright uptight just girls "


high - sivik

headphones, music, and high image
" we don't gotta know if we should
getting lost on you yeah you said i could "


i like me better - lauv

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" to not know who i am but still know that
i'm good long as you're here with me "


jocelyn flores - xxxtentacion

album, jocelyn flores, and music image
" i've been trapped in my mind girl just holding on
i don't wanna pretend there's something, we're nothing "


king - years and years

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" don't wanna wait for you,
don't wanna have to loose "


let you down - nf

perception, nf, and let you down image
" all these voices in my head get loud
i wish that i could shut them out "


make daddy proud - blackbear

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" tell me how do you cope with it
how do you sleep with yourself at night "


no control - one direction

Image by arzu
" and i don't care it's obvious
i just can't get enough of you "


one of the drunks - panic! at the disco

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" searching for a new high, high
as the sun, uncomfortably numb "


popular song - mika & ariana grande

favorite, mika, and my image
" it's not about who you are or your
fancy car you're only ever who you were "


queen - shawn mendes

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" making beautiful look ugly
the way you put yourself above me "


real girls eat cake - the janoskians

janoskians, real girls eat cake, and rgec image
" you're still sexy if you eat
more than salad on a date "


somebody else - the 1975

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" you're intertwining your
soul with somebody else "


teen idle - marina and the diamonds

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" the wasted years, the wasted youth
the pretty lies, the ugly truth "


ugh! - the 1975

Image by 🥢╰ꪋⵢꫝꪻꧏꪋꪗ
" i don't have the capacity for fucking
you’re meant to be helping me "


victorious - panic! at the disco

brendon urie, patd, and victorious image
" it hurts until it stops
we will love until it's not "


wait on me - rixton

me, music, and on image
" i'll go the distance but not all of the way
say what you mean to me and mean what you say "


xxx - kendrick lamar ft u2

kendrick lamar, damn, and music image
" and promised to never doubt him again
but is america honest or do we bask in sin "


youth - trove sivan

Image removed
" mortal body timless souls
cross your fingers here we go "


zombies - childish gambino

childish gambino and rapper image
" we're coming out to get you
we're oh so glad we met you "

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