When I first met you
My heart skipped a thousand beats
You walked into
That room with a smile
That took my breath away

I fell so deeply in love with you
When we met at 16 years old
My heart was yours my love
I was totally head over heels for you

It was against the world now
We were inseperable
Not a day passed by that we didn't speak
And when we finally saw each other again

There was no place in the world
I would rather be than to be
In that moment with you
My love..

My love.. that's what you always called me
I thought you were the sweetest guy on earth
How could you ever do me wrong..

Silly me..

I became blind to your actions
that spoke louder than your words
I was so smitten I couldn't see the real you
I refused to believe such awful things about you

If only I had listened..

When you kissed my lips
I felt sparks flying all around us
I didn't want that feeling to end
I was so shy back then

I was always there for you
Lifting you up after a bad day
Helping you when you grieved
Talking with you through the night
When you didn't want to see the morning sun

It all became so draining
When you came to me about
Everything ..
Expecting me to fix
All your problems

You made my heart skip a thousand beats
My love..
You made me smile like an idiot
You made me giggle like I've never giggled before
And when you hugged me..
I swear to god
I never ever wanted to let you go

I still remember the way your kisses felt
I still remember what it feels like to be in your arms
And feel safe and protected
I still remember your faint scent

I loved you with every piece of me
Only to realize no matter what I do
It will never be enough for you
I will never be enough for you

I swore me & you were made forever
Never to be an end
I believed that you loved me
The same way I loved you

But you never did..

You started lying to me
You made me worried if I'd ever see you alive again
You would disapear for nights without a trace
I'd be sitting in my room in a wreck

Praying for you to get online
So I know your okay
Then I found out you started smoking
And soon it was drugs

When we were together
It was never as frequent
But how do I accept you as a drug addict?

You broke me in ways that could never be healed
Never to be forgiven
You became a sweet nightmare
And I didn't want to leave cause..

There's a small chance you do love me
Maybe there's a small chance you'll be honest with me
Is there a small chance you'd get clean?
Will there ever be an US?

So many thoughts
So many questions
My heart burning
Why does it hurt to miss you?

Why can't I stop loving you
Why do I still crave..
Your touch.. when I know it's wrong

I'm in a relationship
But god..I miss you so bad

How could you say
You love me one day
And tell me you don't want me
The next day..

It's confusing.
Tell me..
Tell me how you really feel inside

Did you ever truly love me?
Was our relationship a lie?
Cause it really was built on lies
But jesus have I fallen in so deep
I'll never truly leave