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"Make a list of five things that make you happy."
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  • Chat with my friends.

I enjoy talking with my closest friends for hours!
We usually talk about hundreds of topics, and it's a very good way for me to relax and feel comfortable with them.

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I love my friends.
  • Watching movies.

I like all kinds of movies.
Horror, comedy, suspense, drama, romantic movies, everything!

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We all need some drama in our life.
  • Reading books.

I have hundreds of books, of all genres.
And when I'm bored, I just take a book and start reading.
It's a lot of fun, because all the books are different, and you do not know what you can come up with!

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Reading makes you more intelligent and hot.
  • Listen to music.

I like to listen to all kinds of music, from hardcore rock that destroys your ears with screams, to pop music that repeats thousands of times the same rhythm and the same word.

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Music speaks for our soul.
  • Memes.

It's my life, it's my hobby, it's my way to relax and laugh a little bit.
I see all kinds of memes, or "Momazos" (I call them like that in Spanish)

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