"Love yourself"

This phrase is easy to say, but hard at the same time.
What is the real definition of love and how many colors of love are there? Love is like a prism.
The phrase "love yourself" can only be spoken by those who truly love themselves, but for a majority of people who can't love themselves, "love yourself" is like an unattainable flickering flame.

So the keywords (of love) that I embodied from my point of view are "courage" and "forgiveness". Maybe we don't have courage to face the ugly sides of ourselves, so if one day we can finally face ourselves then, in the end, maybe we can truly start loving ourselves. I suddenly thought that everything happens because of courage. A word that had no meaning, has recently become really special to me.

An interesting this is, courage (용기) can also mean vessel. That's the reason why it holds a special place within my heart. At the end of the day, what matters is the type of vessel that holds a person's heart. What kind of vessel might I be...

During an interview, I was asked what kind of life I would like to live. I said that I want to live a life where I can offer forgiveness to myself. I don't know how much the interviewer understood from me but he nodded so I felt grateful. There's nothing braver than being able to forgive. I want to live a life where I can really forgive myself. Loving myself is finally forgiving myself.

As time passes, it occurred to me that no one is exactly as I am, although there are people similar to me, I think no one is exactly like me so no one can really understand me. So you, my dear, don't cry. My dear, if you have warmth in your heart, then there will definitely be a person who's heart is as warm as yours who will come into your life. That will happen someday. There is nothing more admirable than living with a warm heart.

There are a lot of things in this world that happen beyond our control.

To us,

Let us forgive ourselves!