Heroin? Cocaine? Marijuana?
There’s no drug like him.
Vodka? Jack Daniels? Rakia?
There’s no alcohol hurting me like him.
That smile.
That voice.
He was angel.
Angel with smile of a devil.
‘Stay with me’ he was always saying
It was like he was all the time saying to me ‘Die in hell with me honey’
And I’m dead.
I’m in hell.
With all the bad things
But without the worst.
Without him, without that little blonde angel.
Because now I’m the one who will take him down here, I promise I’m going to take him down here.
Now he’s the one who will start crying, drinking and taking drugs.
Taking the worst drug.
Taking me.
Because the devil down here told me once upon a time ‘ Honey you are now here, you are now the devil, do whatever you want to do, however you are here with reason, to be the worst’.

He is still hurting me ... I still wanna say Peter please don't go i still love u
... but instead of that i said fuck yourself ...