Since I am a huge Harry Potter fan iv'e decided to write myself into the books/films. This version is inspired by Pottermore so my patronus and wand and house are based on my personality not whishes. Evrything else though is based on my whishes and fantasies.


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I wolud have short blonde hair and brown eyes. I would wear glasses and underneath my robe i wold wear skirts and sweathers


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My neck wolud never be empty,i'd eather wear a turtleneck or a chocker and a dark shade of lipstick wolud always be present.


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I'd be a Slytherin .I find it fitting because 2 of my favourite characters are Slytherins and i think im not pure enough to be a Gryffindor even though i would love that.


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My patronus would have been a Vulture .Quite a disapointing patronus bc i was hoping for something a bit more.....elegant?I don't know it seems like i'm a bad person bc my patronus is vicious.


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My wand would be Pine wood with a Unicorn hair core and hard flexibility and 11 and 1/4 lenght. Seems like a good wand to me, on Pottermore I have a pitcure and the wand looks a lot like the from Bellatrix and ahe's one of my favourite chatacters so im happy. Looks a tiny bit like the wand in the pitcure above ,if you want a closer look you can just google it and it will come up.

Blood status

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According to the quizzes i took i'm a pureblood.


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A white cat named Coco.


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Yet again i took seveal quizzes and got the Lovegoods, the Potters,the Graigers and twice the Malfoys.I personally identify myself as a Black


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These are my favourite spells: -Protego Totalum- shelds a place and the people in it -Finestra- shatters glass -Revelio- reveals what ever you want to know about a person -Obliviate- erases or modifies someones memory


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My favourie class wolud be Transfiguration and Defense against the dark arts. At the end of my second year i wolud choose Muggle Studies,Care of Magical Creatures and Divination.

How i fit in the story

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I wolud be the 4th member of the group. Harry, Hermione, Ron amd I wolud be best friends.Harry and Ron wolud be Gryffindors , Hermione wolud be a Rvenclaw and i would be a Slytherin.The storys wolud be a bit different if i were in tem and the events wolud take other turns but rhe main story line wolud remain the same.

Amortentia Scent

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Amortentia is a love pottion that smacks of a combination of our favorite scents based on what attracts us.Mine wolud be mint,rain,coffee,books,cigaretts,coconut and forest.

Love interests

I beleve i would go eighter one way or anoter. The 2 options are Snape and Bellatrix.

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SNAPE would be my professor but we would fall in love anyways. I would realise my feeling for him in my 3rd year and he would realise our love in my 5th year,but we wouldn't date until my 6th year.It would happen this way: when our eyes met during the sorting ceremony for the first years in my 6th year at Hogwarts, we both knew it was love but we both tried to deny it,then we would stare into eachothers eyes often during dinners and classes.Once we walked by each other and stared again and then he pulled my into a room and yelled at me why i keep looking at him and we got into a fight about how he stares backe.In the heat of the moment we kissed.The next time we saw each other he slipped me a note telling me to met me in his potions room alone at night,so i did.We talked about us and then kisses once more,an then again and again.We ceept sneaking arond like that for 2 months. No one knew exept Dumbeldore, because we would tell him our selves in 2 months into the relationship so we could continue our love withot fear. Dumbeldore would't mind and he would embrace us as a couple, the only thing worrying him was the fact that Snape was still my professor but by my grades and my knowlige he saw that there was no special treatment. After my 7th year i would come to work at Hogwarts as a librarian and after a couple of years became the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor and Snape would be the headmaster duss to Dumbeldores death. We would get married but wouldn't have kids. We'd grow old together and live a happy life at Hogwarts.

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BELLATRIX would be introduced to us in the 3rd book when Sirius,Harry,Hermione,Ron and would go to free her from Azkaban.She would insist that everything she did for Voldemort was becaouse he had her under the Imperio course and Sirius would beleve her. She'd stay with us and the 2 of us would get closer.We would have gotten to know eacjother and i would realise i was in love with that magical woman who was a sweetheart in the soul and she would have fallen in love wth me as well,but we wouldn't date yet because it would be inappropriate. Then in my 4th year at Hogwarts we wolud kiss because we just could't keep the feeligs we would have for each other in, but then she would go back to Voldemort leaving me heart broken and betrayed. At the end of my 4th year she would return convincing me that she did it to protect me but i wouldn't beleve her. In the midlle of my 5th year there wolud be a huge fight with Voldemort and his followers and Bellatrix and i would be stuck in a duel. We would start the duel yelling at each othet and tryin to kill each other in a way from what we would both ,and everyone else, realise we are still not over our failled love,so we would end the battlle with a passionate kiss and then join our forces with everyone else to fight Voldemort(we wolud fail at killing him,but thats so not the point right now).Bellatrix would return with us and then we'd finally date.The love would last because she wolud get employed by Hogwarts as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Yes our love would be inapropriate but Dumbeldore would approve so we'd continue our romance. After my education at Hogwarts would be over we wolud move to London and work for the Ministry. We'd get married and have kids who wolud also go to Hogwarts, but we'd never return to the place.

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