Why did you drag me down with you?
I thought maybe we could be happy together, but then I realized the impossibility of it. I stood face to face with your sadness and could not fight it. It towered over me and I shivered, wondering if I would see sunlight again. Feel sunlight again?
I couldn't see it coming. I do not think you could see it coming either, or you would have never been around me. We had so much in common, I felt eager and full knowing someone in this world understood how I felt. Someone saw me. Two of the same destructive people only hurt each other. We dug our holes deeper. You were so far gone, it is a miracle I escaped. I remember the moment we looked at each other and realized we were truly broken people. We were breaking each other even more. That was the moment I knew it could never last. I would die if I kept hanging out with you. Maybe you would have too. Or maybe we would have driven each other to further insanity.
I remember the first time I saw the scars on your chest. I saw your scars as beautiful. I wanted to trace my fingers over them. To kiss them. I shouldn't have loved the sadness about you. But I think your sadness is the only thing I would have loved you for. Take away your sadness and all that is left is a beautiful body. What good is that to me? I craved your mind.