I decided to do this, after seeing many people doing this too. It gave me motivating to do this.

inspired by ^
If I were

✩ a Flower

flowers, purple, and tumblr image france, lavender, and photography image
Lavender. It's my favorite, most beautiful flower!

✩ an Element

ocean, sea, and blue image pink, surf, and summer image
Water, of course. It describe me a lot.

✩ a Color

green, aesthetic, and tumblr image forest, road, and nature image
It's my favorite color since I was a kid also it's so beautiful color!

✩ a Season

beach, pink, and summer image coachella, girl, and festival image
Summer. I love warm weather, also it's perfect weather to swim in!

✩ an Animal

turtle, beach, and animal image aww, fishes, and beautiful image
Sea turtle. They are strong & brave animal.

✩ a Planet

heart, neon, and light image Image by Valery
Saturn. It's an interesting planet, with a ring around it! So Unique!

✩ a food

strawberry, food, and fruit image ♡ and starberry ♡ image
Strawberry. It's so delicious & makes me happy when I eat it:)
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