Hey there! Today i'm gonna share with you some tips that help me to have a Average Rating over nine.

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Plan your days

When you are in your last years of high school have a planer is something essential, if you have organization there is less probabilities of fail or forget something that you have to do.

I also have a calendar in my room with the important dates, in that way i can get ready days before a quiz or an important project.

Decorate your planers and calendars, if you make them seems creative and cute they are gonna have your attention.

Take notes

At the end of the year a lot of my friend are asking me if they can take my notes. Never forget taking notes, take as much as you can, write them fast and don't worry about how they look, at the end of the day rewrite them in a way that is easy to understand.

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Before every year i ask for the contents of my next year, in that way i start studying before everyone else and i already understand or know about the content in every class.
If you do this you can ask the things you didn't understand to your teacher.

Study every day

I know, this can result exhausting but with at least study 1 hour and 30 minutes per day you avoid forgetting what you learned at the day.


Make well use of your cellphone at school.
I'm not telling you to turn it off, just turn off your notifications. The cellphone is actually very useful at class, if you don't get a term just go to google, if you don't get a word at language class just go to google translator. Google can be god or the devil, you choose which one is gonna be.

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Your Study Place

This is something extremely important to me. Find your own place without distractions, a place where you have all the necessary resources and you also feel confortable ( Tip: Don't study on your bed ). If your home have a lot of noises go to the library.

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My house is kind of crazy so i can't study with silence all the time, my solution is the music, find a good playlist with songs with lyrics that you don't know, put your headphones and try to focus.


My dad gave me this tip when i was little, wile you are studying eat small pieces of chocolate this help you to retain the information easily. This worked with me and i'm also a big fan of the chocolate.

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Don't be shy and ask for help, for example for my biology exam i called my uncle (who is a doctor) for help and some information that i didn't understand. You can ask your teacher any time or if you don't want you can ask your friends who are one year forward.


You have a lot of resources around you so try to use them all wisely. The internet is a wonder when you use it well, I use a lot Youtube for the exams. Try to find videos that explain you well the thing that you don't get. And you also have the library! Books can give you information that sometimes you don't find on the internet.

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Final Exams

Prepare yourself a month before the exams. Take your notes and books and read them until you UNDERSTAND, not until you memorize every single word. And the night before the exam try to sleep well and relax yourself.

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I hope this will help you.
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