Hi guys, it´s Bell. Today i want to show you my favorite series or movies Netflix original´s. Hope you enjoy :)

1. Stranger things

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I think that rigth now everybody knows this serie, so i just have to say i love it and i think it have a very good cast. Also the story is awesome. See it.

2. When we first meet

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That movie is a romantic comedy, and i love romatic comedies.
The story look like a cliche, but the end is unpredictable, you have to give it an oportunity.

3. Anne whit an e (Anne of Green Gables)

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This is a serie whit one season of 7 chapters. Season two will we in Netflix in 6th july.
I really enjoy looking this serie, it´s so beautiful. The message it want to give you is so good, i love it.
If you didn´t see it, you have to.

4. Alexa and Katie

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This is a serie whit one season of 13 chapters.
It so cute. It´s a comedy aimed at children but whit a strong message about the cancer. It´s a beautiful serie, i love it

5. The fundamentals of caring

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It´s a movie of comedy but also it have a strong and beautiful message. I think the most thing i see in a movie or a serie is the message, cause it´s what gonna be in your mind after see that.
This movie remeber me the book/movie "Me before you", except that it have a different end.

And it´s all for today guys, i think i have more series/movies Netflix original´s i love but there´s are the most.
If you want i´ll write a article about the less favorites Netflix original´s. Let me know if you want whit a heart.

Thank you for read, i hope you liked it :)

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