decided to give the 'If I were'-tag a go and I hope you all like it!

If I were

A flower

flowers, rose, and pink image flowers, rose, and pink image flowers, rose, and white image roses and tumblr image

A colour

car, red, and aesthetic image beautiful, inspiration, and bouquet image Image by BK coffee, pink, and light image

An animal

cat, animal, and kitty image cat, girl, and photo image cats, flower, and white image italy, places, and street image

A city

paris image bike, flowers, and vintage image Image by angelja Image removed

A country

travel, city, and venice image food, pasta, and yummy image Image by sofiaaaa girl, travel, and wanderlust image

A season

flowers, car, and red image Image by ✿ α ε ν ι τ ε r η α l ✿ flowers, food, and bike image tumblr, car, and travel image

A food

food, pasta, and spaghetti image Chicken, food, and pasta image food, pasta, and spaghetti image beach, beautiful, and eating image

A song

california, hotel, and pink image music, the eagles, and hotel california image background, blue, and city image sky, travel, and sunset image
Hotel California; for some reason, I never skip this song

A music genre

guitar, music, and rock image concert, festival, and selfmade image girl, music, and indie image cd, grunge, and tumblr image

An element

drink image girl, summer, and pool image rain, umbrella, and aesthetic image drinks, ice, and icecubes image