1. favorite female character.
-- Maxine Mayfield and eleven

2. favorite female actress from the show.
-- Sadie Sink and Winona Ryder

3.favorite male character.
-- Dustin Henderson

4. favorite male actor from the show.
-- Noah Schnapp (omg he's just amazing bye) and Finn Wolfhard (awesome)

5. favorite mom.
-- Joyce Byers

6. favorite ship.
-- Mileven

7. most iconic duo.
-- Dustin and Steve (don't try to change my mind)

8. least favorite character.
-- Ted and Brenner

9. justice for who.
-- Dustin's turtle, where is it? and also his cat, and Barb

10. parts that made you cry.
-- Bob's death, Mileven reunite, when Hopper and Joyce saved Will, "goodbye Mike", too many parts stop

11. favorite line/quote.
-- "i don't care if anyone believes me, i am not gonna stop looking for him and bring him home! i am going to bring him home!" and more but that's a great one

12. ghostbusters or star wars?.
-- ghostbusters

13. waffles or pancakes?.
-- both

14. christmas or halloween?.
-- christmas

15. if you could have any superpower, what would it be?.
-- Eleven powers