I just painted my nails black and its 1:30AM on a Saturday night. This is an attempt to be prompt with my weekly articles so let's hope it's successful! Fingers crossed!!!

I finished my second week of college today and it has been more exciting than ever. The entire class decided to skip classes and hang out together and socialize so we could learn more about each other, and it was truly an experience. I definitely did get to know my classmates more and made more friends. But now I'm only preparing for the fire on Monday when the Principal comes storming through the doors of our classroom to ask why all 60 students of our class went missing.

I find myself very busy here with some or the other occupation everyday. During this time, taking out even two hours to watch a movie or hear new music or even write an article seems so hard. I try to take out a few minutes everyday to write down how I feel in my notes and take pictures (so that someday I can get myself to start editing and posting again maybe?). It takes a 30 minute ride to my college, and during this time I check my social media and hear new music, if there's any.

So I've been getting into more genres and there's tons of great music coming out every Friday. I haven't watched any new shows but I started watching DC movies (I'm a huge Marvel fan!!!), I call it experimenting out of my comfort zone.

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Artist of the week: 6LACK
Album of the week: Youngblood by 5 Seconds Of Summer, Scorpion by Drake, FREE 6LACK by 6LACK

This week's playlist:
1. Switch- 6LACK
2. Why- NF
3. More- 5 Seconds Of Summer
4. GHOST- Jaden Smith
5. Lie To Me- 5 Seconds Of Summer
6. Only You- Cheat Codes & Little Mix
7. Opera House- Cigarettes After Sex
8. Babylon- 5 Seconds Of Summer
9. Connection- OneRepublic
10. Summer on You- PRETTYMUCH

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Sci-fi Drama: Passengers (2016)
Romantic-Comedy: 27 Dresses (2008)
Horror: A Quiet Place (2018)

black&white, boy, and girl image
Passengers (2016)
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27 Dresses (2008)
Emily Blunt, john krasinski, and a quiet place image
A Quiet Place (2018)

TV show-

13 Reasons Why (2017-present) (Teen Drama)

In season one, seventeen year old Clay Jensen returns home from school one day to find a mysterious box on his porch. Inside he discovers seven cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, his deceased classmate and unrequited love, who committed suicide two weeks earlier. On the tapes, Hannah unfolds an intensely emotional audio diary, detailing why she decided to end her life. It appears each person who receives this package of old-style tapes is fundamentally related to why she killed herself. Clay is not the first to receive the tapes, but there is implied detail as to how he should pass the tapes on after hearing them. There appears to be an order to distribution of the tapes, with an additional copy held by an overseer should the plan go awry. The tapes refer to both friends and enemies.

In season two, months after Hannah's suicide, Clay and the other people mentioned on the tapes, as well as close friends and Hannah's family members, become embroiled in a civil legal battle between Hannah's parents and Liberty High School. Alleging negligence on the part of the school, Hannah's mother pursues her perception of justice, while her reluctance to settle pre-trial and her personal circumstances eventually break up her marriage with Hannah's father. The story unfolds with narratives illustrating Hannah's story told by those who present in court at trial.

Clay, who perceives himself as Hannah's failed protector, embarks on an investigation using whatever evidence he can find in an effort to impact on the civil case between Hannah's parents and the school. Clay also endeavours to expose the corrupted culture of the High School and its favour of wealthy, sports savvy male students over the average student, which especially compromises the integrity of young girls such as Hannah. Throughout season two, Clay appears to be communicating with the ghost of Hannah as a plot narrative device.

The show has birthed a difference of opinions between it's viewers which makes me all the more reluctant to "suggest" this show to anyone. However, you must know that if you are dealing with mental health issues, watching this show isn't the best idea. However, if you plan on watching the show, watch so you can spread awareness, so you can educate yourself of how much other's actions and words can affect someone, so you can help someone. But if you're dealing with depression or suicidal tendencies, talk to someone, engage yourself in something, find a way to dish out everything within you, either through writing or music or art, even if you're bad at it. It doesn't matter. I tend to write out how I feel, even if I can't convey myself properly, at least I would've tried. Try breathing exercises (I taught myself through YouTube to help me each time I get an anxiety attack). I hope to discuss more about mental health in upcoming articles. But this show should only be watched for the story it narrates.

13 reasons why and katherine langford image 13 reasons why image 13 reasons why image 13 reasons why, cast, and season 2 image selena gomez and 13 reasons why image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and alisha boe image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and clay jensen image quotes and hannah baker image
13 Reasons Why


I don't know how many of you guys have watched Tom Holland's Lip Sync Battle but it continues to be one of my favorite videos on the planet, so today I'll be blessing you with the link to his Lip Sync Battle where he battles Zendaya, fellow Spider-Man: Homecoming costar, with the song Umbrella by Rihanna.



Paper Towns by John Green (Mystery Drama)

Synopsis as per Wikipedia:
Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs back into his life–dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge–he follows.
But she disappears one night mysteriously after leaving behind clues for him to look for her. Along with a bunch of friends, he sets out on a search mission trailing the clues.

Petition to remake the movie because the movie couldn't do the book justice at all! When it was first announced that the book would be adapted, I was thrilled knowing that The Fault in Our Stars was pretty good. Moreover, the actors seemed promising. However, the movie couldn't portray the book for what it was- Margo's insanity through her creativity and how much she meant to Quentin. Truly a great read worth your time!

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Man Crush of the Week-

Image by Enigme Image by Enigme Avengers, captain america, and chris evans image beer, black&white, and Marvel image
Chris Evans

Woman Crush of the Week-

Anne Hathaway, girl, and pretty image Image by Trang Lê anne, Anne Hathaway, and beauty image Anne Hathaway, beauty, and brunette image
Anne Hathaway

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