With summer holidays approaching everywhere in the world I thought it might be a good time to upload a articles series in which I present the most beautiful places in various countries across the world. I'll start with France. Enjoy!

1. Paris

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No other country's capital comes close to the fame of Paris - the city of love and lights.

Some places to visit and things to do in Paris include:

  • Go for a walk in Montmartre and see the Sacré Cœr
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  • Visit old, romatic bookshops
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  • See the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe
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  • Visit a typical parisian café
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2. Bordeaux

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Bordeaux is the ninth biggest city in France and is situated in the south-west of France

3. Nantes

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If you want to visit the Loire region in France with its pretty castles Nantes is the ideal city as it is the main city of the Loire region and the sixth biggest in France.
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4. Rouen

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Rouen is the historical capital of the Normandy region.

5. Lyon

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6. Gorge de Verdon

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The gorge de Verdon lies in the South of France
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7. Valbonne

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8. Rocamadour

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9. The castle gardens of Gourdon

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10. The villa Ephrussi de Rothschild near Nice

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11. La Roque-Gageac

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12. Corsica

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Corsica isn't just ideal for beach holidays but it's a hiking paradise too.

13. Lille

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Lille is a city very close to the Belgian border so it might be a good day trip while in Belgium.

14. Blois

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15. Chaumont-sur-Loire

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16. Menton

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17. Annecy

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18. Chenonceau Castle

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19. Avignon

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20. Chambord Castle

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21. Étretat

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22. Mont Saint Michel

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I hope you enjoy this format, stay tuned for more countries! If you wanna follow me: