hey guys! i wanted to try out this new thing where i share with you all my monthly favorites. this could just include books, movies, tv shows, music, anime, foods, stores, traveling locations, activities, stores, and so on! i would like to try to post this every month on the last of each month. as always, i'll be open to any suggestions of cool things i should try out.

★ The Lumberjanes ★

april, jo, and molly image artist, illustration, and noelle stevenson image
this is such a cute comic i recently started reading! it is published by boom box studios, my favorite publisher of comics. it has an amazing cast of characters who are all really diverse and supportive of each other. friendship to the max!

★ Fence ★

fencing, sport, and aesthetic image fencing, photography, and vintage image
i didn't start fencing myself BUT i did find a new comic series to obsess over! another series published by boom box studios, this comic also has a great group of diverse characters. this whole series kind of reminds me of free! or haikyu.

★ The Hate U Give ★

starr, angie thomas, and the hate u give image kian lawley, the hate u give, and movie image
i recently just finished this book with my book club. i think i finished it in only two days. i highly recommend for everyone to read it, because it is such an important book, especially with the heavy presence of police brutality that has resulted in the deaths of many african american. if you are unfamiliar with this issue or of the black lives matter movement, i would pick up this book immediately. there is also a movie coming out soon, and the trailer looks amazing!

★ The Weight of Feathers ★

art, colors, and watercolor image feather, black, and black and white image
this was a book i picked up the week before final exams, and i kind of binge read it instead of studying haha. please don't do that to yourself. the author, anna-marie mclemore, is one of my all time favorites and i'll read anything she publishes. all of her books are apart of the growing genre known as magical realism. her writing is so beautiful and lush, i sometimes have to take a break while reading to just stare in awe at her writing.

★ Thor: Ragnarok ★

gif and thor ragnarok image Marvel, thor, and ragnarok image
so i know i'm a little late to the party with this one, seeing as it came out last year. but this movie was a blessing on earth. i couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole movie, and whoever directed it had a better understanding of norse mythology than the russo brothers, who directed the other thor movies.

★ Rogue One ★

quotes, star wars, and rogue one image rouge one image
another movie i was late watching. i started watching it in school after i finished my last exam. it had an incredible cast of characters, and i was left reeling after the ending.

★ Speech & Debate ★

crazy, the crucible, and funny image lgbt, aesthetic, and rainbow image
warning: this was the most weirdest movie i have ever seen. if you're looking for a great cast of characters, lots of humor, and weird moments that cannot be explained, this movie is for you. i believe it is best watched with a group of friends.

★ Pray For The Wicked ★

brendon urie, panic! at the disco, and P!ATD image panic! at the disco, brendon urie, and rose image
so panic! at the disco dropped a new album recently and i freaking love it. my favorite songs off of it are high hopes, roaring 20s, and one of the drunks.

★ Season Six of Voltron ★

Voltron, season6, and allura image Voltron, season6, and allura image
so this season wasn't exactly as great as i thought i was gonna be, and there were a lot of wtf moments. but it answered some questions from past seasons, and it builds up the excitement for season seven because they're finally going home! yay! the d&d inspired episode was also perfect.

★ High As Hope ★

florence welch image florence and the machine, pretty, and florence welch image
so florence dropped her new album yesterday! i listened to it all yesterday and this whole morning. i'm a bit obsessed with it right now. my favorite songs off of it are hunger, south london forever, and patricia.

thanks for reading!