1. Dacre Montgomery

I found out about Dacre Montgomery is when my mum was watching stranger things 2, he plays Billy Hargrove in the show and I also found out at the same time, he was in the power rangers movie in there, he plays The red ranger. Dacre is very handsome and I also love that he is Australian like me.

2. Jai Courtney

This is another Australian actor whom find I attracted as well. I found out about Jai Courtney, when I watched Divergent where he plays Eric. He was also in Suicide Squad, in there he plays Captain Boomerang. He is very attractive because he is masculine and he has beautiful eyes.

3. Owen Teague

Owen Teague is a year older than me, what’s funny is that I don’t feel attracted to people close to my age until I saw Owen Teague when watching IT. He plays Patrick Hockstetter, who is one of the bullies and he was still alive, he could’ve been a psychopath. Owen Teague has been in other shows like Black Mirror and Bloodline. He also in the movie that’s coming out called Every day and he’s working or finishing working for the new show that’s coming out on Hulu called Locke and Key. He is a tall and lean person and he has great hair, so that why I’m attracted to the guy.

4. Richard Ramirez

This guy is completely different than the other guys on this list and it’s because he’s actually a serial killer. I know it’s horrible to be attracted to a serial killer, but I’m only attracted to his physical Appearance and the fact the things he said in the past is pretty accurate, however I don’t condone his actions and if I was living around the time he was terrorising Los Angeles and SAN Francisco I would be terrified as well.

5. Finn Wittrock

Finn Wittrock is also an actor and he’s best known for his roles in American Horror Story. he portrayed Dandy Mott from Freakshow very well down and overall he’s just a brilliant actor. This man seems like he has no flaws whatsoever in opinion. He’s tall, with black hair, porcelain skin, amazing jaw line and one is his eyebrows looks like it’s been cut but it’s suit him very well.