1. LipBalm - I highly recommend Burts bees they are 100% natural and come in a large range of flavours.

bees, lips, and natural image yellow, bee, and aesthetic image

2. A little pack of tissues - just for when you have a runny nose, watery eyes or get caught in the sticky situation of no toilet paper in a public bathroom!

pastel, pink, and tissue image tfios, tissue, and the fault in our stars image

3. A phone charger - this isn't something you physically need but it's very handy to have just in case your phone runs out of charge whhilst your out.

white, apple, and iphone image case, charger, and creative image

4. Earbuds or headphones - I always keep a pair in my bag.

earbuds image aesthetic, headphone, and pink image

5. If your a girl a pad or tampon is essential!

female, inflatable, and pad image always, beauty, and blue image

6. A small notebook and a pen set - I think this is a good idea because if you even need to jot down some important information you always have something to do :)

school, study, and notes image calendar, pen, and pink image

7. Deodorant or a perfume - to make sure you always smelling popping.

deodorant, dove, and invizible image bag, jewelry, and lace image

8. Chewing gum - I'm always chewing gum especially after eaten to make sure my breath doesn't smell bad.

style, outfit, and summer image bubble, bubblegum, and bubble gum image

9. A hairbrush - I mean this isn't a need but i find having a hair brush is really useful especially on a windy day

Image removed candy, hairbrush, and girly image

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