I told the boy that i loved for 3 years that i had feelings for him.
i honestly thought that i would never tell him, but i actually did,
and that day i learned that if i love someone i should tell them right away,
no matter what the consequence is, maybe we would've been something.
And it's my fault because i hided my feelings.
we talked and he told me that we probably would've tried someting,
but it was too late.

So, dear world:

If you love someone you should tell them, it doesn't matter what happens,
maybe they love you, maybe not, it's ok at least you told your feelings,
don't be like me, don't hide your true feelings, don't be afraid, live, LOVE.
Maybe one day, we could try, my dear love, but not today,
we are too young and dumb.
I will forever love you my angel, i hope destiny has good things planned for us,
love you forever.