First of all, happy pride month!!!!
To celebrate that i decided to talk about it on that article and it ended way longer than i expected.
As we know, Korea is a really closed country and idols can't expose what they think about lgtbq, feminism and other topics, the only thing they can do to show us their support is small things, like wearing something, liking a pic or even recommending a book or movie.
It's sad that we have to celebrate over small things like that, but this is all we have.
While doing that i got really happy over the fact that some idols that are new on industry and young are showing some support, things are getting better, even if it's just a little.
I don't need to say that the majority of idols in this list receive criticism from koreans for talking about that, so stan them, show love and support 'cause they deserve.

Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun / Girls' Generation

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  • Taeyeon is always showing her support on her social medias and she did it countless times, but i'm going to talk about one, "Love and Girls" mv have drag queens and tae uploaded pics with them on her instagram, receiving criticism from some people, and she stood against it saying “They’re not bad people. They made the music video set really fun. Because of them, we were able to film as we had fun.”
  • Tiffany wrote a love letter to the lgbtq community, here's a little of what she said "I write this letter to send you words of love and encouragement. Though there is so much more to accomplish, together, you grow stronger and more beautiful. You are unstoppable. The Unity and equality shown at the Pride March every year speaks truth on how this world can grow to be a better place through your example. I stand by you and celebrate you not only on this day, but every day."
  • Seohyun said on a concert "If you're a couple, raise your hands, if you're a same sex couple, raise too, boy with boy, girl with girl, love is love, couple is couple."

Woojin, Minho, Felix, Seungmin, Jeongin / Stray Kids

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  • The five of them went to NY pride, they debuted this year, and three of them are really young (2000/2001).

Boa / Soloist

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  • Boa performed at San Francisco LGBT pride in 2009, she's a queen, that's all.

Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Yuta / NCT

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  • During a Vlive a fan commented "I like this friend who i befriended recently", Yuta said "Is this a relationship between a boy and a girl?" then Doyoung said "It could be between a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl", they didn't assumed that was a straight relationship.
  • During the pre debut era, Taeyong and Ten were given the mission to pretend being a couple and they didn't do anything that could offend someone.


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  • First of all, the LGBT community absolutely loves loona, they had various songs voted to play on Korea pride, some of their songs were covered during prides too, they have a mv that talk about a girl loving other girl. But none of that is the reason i put them since it's not the girls who did any of that, i put 'cause the majority of loona fans are womans and they often ask to loona members "what kind of GIRL you're into recently?' and they always answer it normally, also, a fan said to Olivia (she's a 01 liner) that she was with her girlfriend in the fansign, and Oli showed no sign of shock or did anything that could offend, she was even going to write the girlfriend name.

Hoya, Nana / Ex-infinite, After School

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  • They're together on the list 'cause both of them played a LGBT character, Hoya played a gay on 'Reply 1997' and Nana a bisexual on 'The Good Wife'.


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  • Mamamoo went into a blackface controversy and after that they wrote a letter apologizing, which said "We love and care so much for all people of every race, sexuality, religion, and gender. We love all our fans and are so sorry to have hurt our fans in the black community." Aside from their support to LGBT, i really admire the fact that they wrote such a heartful letter to fans, how many idols offend and never apologize? Not mamamoo, they care about fans feelings.

Dal Shabet, Gain / Brown Eyed Girls

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  • Both Dal Shabet and Gain held a performance on a gay club.

Hansol / Ex-Topp Dogg

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  • Hansol always showed support on his social medias and answered to homophobic comments, here's a little of what he said 'Anyone in this world can choose whoever they want to love, whether to be a man or a woman. Loving the same sex is no different than, or any weirder than, loving the opposite sex'.

Yuna, Seolhyun / AOA

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  • A fan asked Yuna during a fansign "It's okay dating someone of the same sex?", she answered "Yes, love is love", also on a vlive she was going to pretend to be the fans girlfriend and she said that girls could pretend to date her too.
  • Seolhyun said on a interview that 'Blue is the warmest color' is one of her favorite romances.

Jo Kwon / Soloist

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  • Jo Kwon played a drag queen on the musical 'Priscilla', receiving a lot of criticism, to which he said 'It saddens me to see the ignorance and closed mind of some people. But i'm committed, loving this role and happy to be a part of this.'

Jisoo, Chaeyoung / Blackpink, Twice

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  • Jisoo read the book 'Carol' and recommended to fans.
  • Chaeyoung watched the movie for 'Carol' and posted that 'I saw Carol. This might seem unnecessery. It makes sense to me to think, as human being we all belong in the same world, therefore we might be able to talk about a topic like this (LGBT). I want to watch a movie about the people i didn't belong/relate to before. People judge and tell who to love and not. Love is love, You have to watch this movie with a open heart/mind and not roll your eyes.'

Fortunately there's a lot of idols that are not in this list, since it was going to be way longer if i put more, but maybe i'll do a part 2, idk.