Hi guys! I'm writing this article to lift you up if you're sad or you feel angry. I'm here to tell you that the boy you like, your friend, a family member or even a stranger can't define you, and don't let them. They can't put tags or names on you, they can't tell you things you're not, they can't give you a number based on your appearance because that's simply fucked up. You are important, you are special, you are the most beautiful human being in the whole world and don't listen to them, they're just ignorant people that don't know what else to do with their lives.

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My advice to you if you're ever in this position is to know that you're perfect just the way you are, you don't have to change for them, don't give them that. Just know if they are stupid enough to say that, you shouldn't listen to them, because like I said, they are not really thinking..... Also, don't make a big deal of it (unless this person is always saying that) I will do a blog about that later. But if it's a one time situation sometimes that word, phrase or number gets in your head and you may start to believe it, don't do that. Try to find peace by doing something that distracts you, like watching a movie, a serie, listening to music, exercising, etc.
And most importantly know that it happens to all of us I think (or at least it has happened to me too)

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Remember: you can't be defined by a word or number, you are much more than that.
I send you love always!!
Keep swimming, ABBA💫