I saw this kind of post a few times before and I thought I'd be fun to do. also, I stan a shit ton of groups so get comfortable because this is gonna be a long ass ride (see what I did there).
just to let you know, the groups were put in alphabetical order(:


kpop, astro, and lq image kpop, astro, and lq image
he wasn't my first bias and not even the second, but later on his dancing ability really caught my eye, he's so good ((and I love dancers)),, also!! he's the cutest bean on earth heh


lisa, blackpink, and kpop image lisa, rose, and jennie image
so, lisa was my first bias and she still is. and beside the fact that she's absolutely stunning and adorable, i love her rap (her voice when she raps is just so good sorry I don't make the rules here) and when she dances !!! holy moly I can't take my eyes off her (and she looks good in every hair color how is that possible)


bts, suga, and min yoongi image bts, lq, and bangtan boys image
yoongi is such an amazing rapper okay, I admire that, also he's so relatable (at least for me) so I feel like we could be great friends (yeah? no? ok)


asian girls, kpop, and clc image cube, kpop, and seungyeon image
tbh I'm not really sure about who my bias is because they're all so talented (and so underrated it's not even funny), but I have a preference for seungyeon, because... have you seen her dancing?? at this point you know I'm weak for anyone who dances well and she's so,,,, good damn


Image by caitlin Image by caitlin
her. dancing. ability. is. no. joke. sua is the main dancer in her group and yeah she's really great AND she can sing heavenly and rap like a goddess, she's such a girl crush and her visuals are !!! I mean look at her /!\ ult /!\


le, exid, and ahn elly image le, exid, and ahn elly image
visual goddess, an amazing rapper, one of my favorite female rappers tbh. and when she smiles my heart goes all !!! also she was my first bias so I've been very loyal to her bc omg she's so amazing


exo, baekhyun, and kpop image Chen, exo, and kai image
so when I first watched the monster mv he hit me with those visuals (and that damn lip piercing or whatever that thing was) and I didn't even know who exo were at that time, so let's say it was love at first sight. that being said, I love his cute personality, his stage presence and his vocals yep definetely a bias


Image removed Image removed
(I have so many pictures of her omg) eunha was my first bias and she still is AND she's also one of my ultimate female biases because ! she's ! the ! cutest ! girl ! on ! this ! planet ! and she sings so well and- I just love her so much, please be my girlfriend bby


blue, girls, and icons image blue, icons, and kpop image
look at her and tell me she isn't one of the most adorable human beings ever, god I'm weak for her. I love her curly hair, she looks so good, and her deep voice oml BIAS

girl's day:

girls day, hyeri, and kpop image hyeri, kpop, and girls day image
tbh I don't really have many reasons, she screams "girlfriend material" and I'm down for that, I just love her so much


got7, youngjae, and kpop image got7, kpop, and youngjae image
this boy's vocals blow me away every single time I swear, he's such a great vocalist, his personality is really the cutest and when he smiles or laughs omg my heart just explodes. that's it I love him

somi & chungha

somi, kpop, and ioi image ioi and chungha image
I wasn't sure if I wanted to put ioi or not but here we are. so, basically every member has been my bias at least once, but chungha, my dancing queen with strong vocals, and somi, my baby girl, lasted till the end. now, somi is like one of my ults because idk I just love her and her easygoing personality, I'd really love to be her friend ugh


khan, yuna, and yuna kim image khan and euna image
I was a huge fan of the ark so when I heard about khan.......... omg I was the happiest person ever believe me. and euna, yes, she's one of my favorite female rappers, but can she sing? YES she's overall really talented and she's such girlfriend material ugh


kpop, zn, and laboum image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
my favorite bunny, she has the best smile, look at her! also, a dancer, so hehe. yeah I don't have anything else to say lol


loona, kpop, and heejin image icons, idols, and kpop image
so I've been very loyal to her, my first bias, but with a group like loona it was very hard (istg if chuu and olivia hye don't stay in their lanes imma fight). anyway, heejin is so sweet, I love her personality, she's a great dancer and she has some noooooice vocals! my pretty pretty princess I love her sm (one of my ults hehe)


solar, mamamoo, and kpop image kpop, solar, and mamamoo image
the most beautiful girl with the purest smile, look at that shit I'm into that. and you probably know how powerful her vocals are (but tbh every mamamoo member is a good singer), and she's such a dork I love it


jane, Nancy, and lq icons image momoland image
jane = visual queen, you can't argue on that. she's also a super great vocalist, even tho she doesn't get much love ): support my baby girl!

monsta x:

idols, kpop, and monsta x image monsta x, kihyun, and kpop image
I love his powerful voice and his cute stupid little smile, I love him so much sigh (stan MX y'all)


renjun, nct, and nct dream image nct, renjun, and icon image
(wow the duality) /!\ ultimate bias alert /!\ first of all, I love him so much, second of all, I'd die for him. he has honey vocals, he's adorable (but could choke you at any moment), king of loosing games, the prince of china, his korean (!!!), I personally love the birth mark he has on his right hand but I love everything about him so don't mind me

oh my girl:

binnie, cute, and oh my girl image binnie, oh my girl, and kpop image
cute. cute. cute. but also such a dork. dork. dork. ugh that's my girlfriend. she can sing, and she!! has!! an!! amazing!! body!! call 911 because I've been attacked (plus, our hair match)


kpop, roa, and lq image kpop, roa, and pristin image
ULTIMATE BIAS she's one of my favorite girls out there. first, her visuals, she's so stunning, I really can't believe someone this beautiful exists, second, her freaking charisma kills me and I ain't even mad about that, I mean, I don't know if you've ever seen her on stage but,, if not, u should. also, she's the cutest dork in kpop and I'm in love with her. (stan pristin)

red velvet:

red velvet, irene, and bae joohyun image red velvet, irene, and bae joohyun image
queen irene, she's literally one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen and I'm not even kidding, and her stage presence is lit af pls mami step on me


kpop, jihoon, and svt image kpop, Seventeen, and lq image
...ultimate bias... you don't understand how much I love him, for real, I'd give him the whole world if he asks for it, I'd shower him with flowers (and kisses) if I could. he's an amazing producer, super hard-working, with sweet vocals, killing dance moves, and he has my favorite smile ever and,, he loves his members ok, he just forgets to tell them

stray kids:

felix, kpop, and stray kids image felix, kpop, and stray kids image
ult? tbh stray kids is one of my two ultimate boy groups, but I don't know if I consider felix an ultimate bias, mostly because hyunjin is fighting hard to take his spot. but anyway, I love felix, I love every single thing about him, his deep ass voice, his freckles (@ makeup artist stop covering them we're all begging you), his dancing ability because holy he knows how to move, and just him in general


twice, sana, and kpop image twice, sana, and lq image
sana!!! is!!! my!!! baby!!! protect her. she's cute, like super cute, her voice is super adorable, she's the GAY ICON of kpop and she isn't afraid to show how much she loves girls, she's super dorky but like the most adorable dork I've ever seen!

weki meki:
doyeon & rina

weki meki, ioi, and doyeon image rina and weki meki image
SO tecnically, my bias is rina, but doyeon... she's such girlfriend material and she's one of my ults, so I had to put her here. tall baby, killing body, super pretty, I love her. for rina, she has such unique features, she's super duper pretty and I love her resting bitch face, even if we all know she's a cutie

oh lord help me.
I wrote most of this while wearing contacts so my eyes were burning, but I'm done now! I had so much fun doing this, and I was also thinking about writing an article including only my ultimate biases (both male and female) so yeah.
also!! just wanted to let you know that I listen to other groups that I'm still learning about and that's why I don't have a bias yet (like gugudan, wanna one, wjsn, brave girls, good day, etc)
k bye