Hey there hearters, so obviously by the title you know what ill be talking about. These beauty tips are simple and easy stuff to do. So lets get to it!!!
~First, Always wash your face!!!! Clear skin makes you look gorgeous and fills your tone up with youth which is great!
~Second, Keep your hair clean and healthy. IF you use heat products all the time then it will obviously be hard to keep you hair healthy, that's why you try and use heat protect-ant and hair masks.
~Third, A great smile! Take care of your teeth, a smile is always the best part of someone ( or there eyes)
~ Fourth, Have a good nights sleep.Bags under your eyes don't look to great (Honestly some people can pull it off!)
~Last, Be happy and stay positive, it makes you feel great and love yourself, and that is what really matters!
No matter what, be yourself and don't change who you are to make others happy.
Okay Heaters that is it for today i hope you enjoy, please give me some hearts and hit that follow button! Byeeeee<3