ι αℓωαүs ωαηтε∂ тσ sεε αη∂ вε ιη αωε αт нσω cυтε ιт ωσυℓ∂ вε ғσя втs тσ ιηтεяαcт ωιтн cнιℓ∂яεη σя αη ιηғαηт ғσя α ∂αү. тσ sεε тнαт вεαυтιғυℓ ℓσvιηg sι∂ε sнσωη αs тнεү ιηтεяαcт ωιтн α cнιℓ∂...ι'∂ cяү ғяσм cυтεηεss σvεяℓσα∂. нεяε ιs αη αятιcℓε σvεя нσω ι ιмαgιηε тнε вσүs тσ вε тσωαя∂s тнειя ғυтυяε cнιℓ∂яεη. εηנσү~

♡『 кιм ηαмנσση 』♡

».Two words: matching beanies

».Since Namjoon has a unique fashion style, he would be the one to want his kids to be dressed comfortably, but also, fashionably

».He would be the type to create an Instagram that consists of him and his beautiful children (similar to Haru's IG)

».Would love to read them bedtime stories every night and basically give them a whole performance with many hand gestures and voice changes to fit the book's characters

».Would want to help them with their homework after school even if he is tired from a long day

».Would teach them English even if it meant showing them the 90's TV show, Friends

».Would believe in his kids' dreams and do anything in his power to help them achieve their dreams

».He'd rap to his kids, especially if they wanted to have a small, cute rap battle against him

».Would tell them, "You're beautiful," everyday and show them the ways to grow up to fully love themselves

».Be the type to scare away the monsters hiding underneath their beds

».Love to take them out for walks, bike riding, or going on small adventures even if it is just in the backyard

».Due to being an accident prone individual, he would be afraid his kids would turn out to be the same, so he child proofs everything throughout the house- for his and their sake

».Be the one to dress up like Santa Claus for Christmas, but end up being caught by his kids

».Be the one to keep saying random facts around them to the point they become little walking encyclopedias alongside him

».They would have the most precious dimples out of the entire world that peek out to say, "Hello~ (.◠‿◠.)," in selfies with Namjoon

»."Don't tell mommy that we broke the door knob, okay?...Or her favorite vase...the chair...the TV..."

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♡『 мιη үσσηgι 』♡

».Take many naps with his kids from their infancy through their toddler years

».Always has his child sitting in his lap, trying to mimic the way Yoongi's fingers glide swiftly over the piano's keys

».Would complain a lot but lowkey love dressing them up in matching outfits that consist of possibly a leather jacket, a black face mask, a black beanie, etc.

». Yoongi's gummy smile that appears when he is playing with Kumamon toys with his child

».Play small, cute inside basketball games with a basketball net that barely reaches above his knees

».Teach his kids how to beautifully play the piano while he sings along to his child's cute soft song that is consisted of baby jibberish

».Would be extremely understanding if any of his children made a mistake that holds a lesson to be learned

».Would be the type to accidently swear in front of them and quickly try to cover it up

».Teach his kids how to rap and includes their cute raping in one of his mixtapes

».Have an extreme soft spot for his daughter(s) and be very protective over them

».Allow his kids to play with his hair and put make up on him if they really wanted to play dress up with daddy

».Would continuously encourage them to follow their dreams no matter who's against it for he will support them and love them every step of the way

».As they grow older, he will jokingly say he will disown them if they so happen to beat him in a rap battle or basketball game

»."I'm telling mommy the crime and social injustice that is you beating the one and only Min Suga genius jjang jjang man boong boong at playing hide-and-go-seek."

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♡『 кιм тαεнүυηg 』♡

».Question: Who is the parent again? (He will hands down be the fun parent)

».Be the type of dad to want his kids wearing the latest fashion- ranging from Gucci to Dior

».Would take many breathtaking pictures with his camera and like to record important moments (e.g., first baby steps, potty training videos)

».Would constantly be proud to call them his and show them off wherever and whenever he can

».Take the kids to a creative art class where at the end of the day they would have completed a project that involved colored handprints on a pottery plate or cup

».Dresses up as a cute clown for their birthdays but ends up accidentally scaring them

».Tickles, tickles, and more tickles because he just loves to see them happy and making them laugh

».There would be many inside jokes amongst him and the kids that would leave the wife curious to know when just looking at their silly grins and hearing their giggles

».Play time all the time because there shouldn't be a moment that is not spent laughing, smiling, or doing something fun and different

».Would not ever yell at them, and if he did, he would automatically feel bad afterwards with the intention of talking it out and making things all well again (even if it involves some delicious ice cream)

».Would be softly be pinching their baby cheeks, go "awww" multiple times as if they were a cute pup, and slightly squish their face to where they look like cute plump babies

».Bend to his kids' will and love them wholeheartedly to the point where he always reminds them that everyday

»."I may look old, but I am still a kid at heart. Now...give me back my robot toy so I can defeat your space kingdom."

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♡『 Jυηg нσsεσк 』♡

». Be so affectionate to the point no one can love the kids better than he can because they are his pride and joy

».Join in on the kids screaming and sound effects during play time...which is everyday (but it's the cutest sight ever)

».Be so supportive and able to make them smile and laugh when he notices a shift of change in their mood

».Playfully holds them in his lap and moves their legs and arms causing them to dance along to the music playing

».Teaches his kids how to dance for fun and be a serious, but fun, teacher if they wanted to make a career out of it

».Loves to cuddle them 24/7/365 when he is not cuddled up next to his wife

».Enjoys and loves to tuck them in and give them a goodnight kiss on the forehead before turning on their night light because he knows they tend to get scared easily like him

».Kisses their "boo-boos" better and makes them laugh and smile if they accidentally hurt themselves while playing

».Although he isn't the most studious, he would give it his all to help them with their homework

».Be the type of dad to frame and even hang the kids' drawings or save them in a precious box filled with the arts and crafts the kids made for him

».Would cry on any special day (e.g., their first day of school, 5th birthday, first date, graduation, etc.)

».The kids would be as extra as he is but it would be the funniest, most cutest thing ever because they will be little walking rays of sunshine next to the almighty sun

».Constantly remind them they meant the entire world to him and he will forever love them unconditionally

»."Ah...I hope I am your hope as well as you are mine. Why? Because you became my forever beautiful piece of hope the first day I laid eyes on you."

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♡『 кιм sεσкנιη 』♡

».The type of dad that always makes sure his beloved wife and kids are properly fed

».Insists to be the one to cook and bake (or help his wife with this task) for the many fun birthday parties to come

».Two words: Dad. Jokes. Embarrassing dad jokes 24/7/365 that will be followed by the majestic sound of his unique genuine laughter that mimics the sound of someone wiping a windshield

».Type to jokingly steal his daughter's princess tiara away from her so he can wear it

».Wouldn't ever admit in front of his kids that they were way better looking than he is but behind their backs he would constantly gush about how more beautiful and handsome they are

».Would allow his daughter(s) paint his fingernails if they asked him

».Be the type to constantly encourage positive thoughts and ways to boost their self-esteem and confidence when they begin to start hitting their teen years

».Loves to arrange play dates that involves fancy princess dresses, jewelry and tiaras, and delicious tea

».Loves to carry them on his shoulders wherever the family goes (e.g., around amusement parks, trip to the park, grocery shopping, etc.)

».Allow his kids assist him with the cooking or baking while pretending that they are on a cooking reality TV show (which they named "Made with Love & Worldwide Handsomeness")

».Mini concerts held in the bedroom every night with the help of Jin teaching them to sing their daddy's song, "Awake", since they refuse to actually go to sleep

».Would be serious at the right moments with the kids and would talk them through any problem they may have had with him or with anyone else

»."What did the daddy whale say to his baby whales? I whale always love you." Inserts window shield laughter followed by the sound of mini window shield laughter here

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♡『 נεση נυηgкσσк 』♡

».He and the kids will be walking memes (because they may likely take more after him) with the dorky dancing they do for fun, making funny faces, etc.

».Be the type of dad to be laid back but extremely protective over his family at the same time

».Would probably be scolded when he has been caught trying to use his kids as weights

».Takes many, many, MANY photogenic pictures of his family, especially his little identical clones that all share the same scrunched up bunny smile as him

».Sings them multiple lullaby's every night that he originally came up with months before they were even born (each with their very own dedicated lullaby)

».Piggyback rides is a must while out in public and having them sit on his broad shoulders

».The love of taking them out on adventures to the park, beach, different tourist attracted landmarks, etc.

».Would be very teasing towards his kids (but it would be out of love) and it will place a smile on everyone's face as they begin to go back and forth with the teasing

».Will often say "I love you" to the kids during important events or special moments so they end up sounding more special

».Also, the type of dad with a tool belt and hammer in hand fixing everything around the house that may be imperfect (or broken by the kids)

».Will sing to any of the kids when they are sad and be there to listen and help them out with any problem or obstacle that is thrown in their path

».Will produce multiple songs and cover many songs with the kids for many years because they inherited his amazing vocals and were given sweet vocal lessons

»."Let's make another song for mommy that tells her how much we love her. How does that sound?"

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♡『 ραяк נιмιη 』♡

».Be the dad to unintentionally spoil the kids by always buying them gifts to the point that he may have bought them everything from every store

».Calls his daughter(s) cute little nicknames, such as his "little princess", "little fairy", "my angel", etc.

».Would be fascinated and laugh a lot over how cute and small their hands are from the moment they were born (they may have his smol hands)

».Constantly giving them piggyback rides wherever they go while making airplane sound effects

».Sings to the kids on a daily basis ex. when he gives them a bath, takes them to the park, rocks them to sleep in his arms, whenever they wake up crying from a nightmare, etc.

».Be the type of dad to go all out on their birthdays with a nice cake, cute decorations, inviting many people over to celebrate, etc.

».Loves to ruffle and play with their hair which will become more of a habit than him pushing back and messing with his hair

».Purposely kisses right in front of them just so he can laugh when he hears them automatically say "ewwww"

».Constantly has that notorious crescent moon eye smile whenever he is around them

».Dances whenever they dance and will go as far as having his daughter(s) dress up in their Disney princess dresses to dance with him to Disney princess songs

».Teaches them to love themselves the way they are in a healthy way rather than having them take extreme measures to making that a reality

».Would always be showing them off to anyone that ranges from the members themselves to strangers walking by cause he just finds them to be so cute

»."Awwww...look at how cute and small you are. Look at your smol hands. Your smol feet. Waah...my heart cannot handle this."

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