I wrote this poem a couple of years ago when I looked at the sky, clouds driving by on such a delicious summer breeze. This poem came up in my head, and I just started writing. I never really was one who looked at the sky, day or night and didn't see beauty in it. I always admired, because one day very well, it could all disappear and we won't be here anymore. And it kind of makes me really feel alive. Compared to the endless universe, we're so small, so tiny. At that very moment, I truly felt timeless. I truly wish that we could take pictures with the scent of that moment, that memory. Because beauty is not only what you see, or words, but also in what you feel, and in scents. (Since your nose is linked to your brain and memories) But ever since I wrote this poem, I can't help, but always think of this. (Poem, and moment) To laugh, and live, and to love, feel it inside. Breathe in life! Celebrate life! Especially with the ones you love! And it made me feel so joyful, that I took a picture of the sky at that moment. But I can safely say now, that things won't be the same. Since I was able to really give words and meaning to these feelings and thoughts inside. And made this poem exist. I hope you enjoy!
Love ❤

7 July 2015

Making me live,
Making me breathe,
That's what you do,
Like it's easy to,
Just mend my heart,
Like nothing ever happened,
Like I hadn't been separated at all,
From my heart,
From my mind,
From everything that's meant something to me,
You make me see,
The brighter sky,
The clouds that wave by,
You're that person to me,
That I need,
That I wanna hold,
The oxygen to my living,
That I want to keep with me for the rest of my life,
So don't ever go,
And just stay with me,
Like it always was supposed to be,
Life is perfect with you around,
Never having the urge to count,
The hours passing by,
Because together we're timeless,
Never ending,
In our collided memories.