1. Photography

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I just love capturing nature. Especially the Sunset which i see everyday and its different and beautiful. I love the colors mixed in the sky with different patterns of clouds. Its so Calm.

2. Art

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I love all forms of art. I love to look at the paintings in Art Galleries, I love to do water color paintings, Fluid Art, Abstract Painting, Sketching, Doodle and many forms of art which is new i love trying it out.

3. Travel

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Travel can make a person get inspired more, get new ideas, know whats going on outside and experience great things and create memories. I really like the night city lights.

4. Music

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Music is something people can really connect to. Anytime i don't feel good i just listen to music it always makes a better mood. I love POP, Rock and K-POP Music.

5. Food

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I know all these things that I'm writing who does not love? I love to try food and desserts from different countries. I mean food is something that can make anyone happy no matter in what bad mood you are.

Well that is it for now.
This is the first time I am writing something.
I hope you liked it.
What inspires you? You can share with me in message :)