This is definitely a tough one for me. I have always found struggle to deal with myself and accept my flaws,but I have noticed one rare thing I really like about myself which is persistence and perseverance.

I am a hard worker.

I've always been stubborn when I put something in my head I strive to do it especially when it comes to work or my studies.

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It's just when I put a goal in front of me I don't rest until I accomplish it even if it's a trivial thing like saving money for example. When I was deciding on what major to study, there was that one major that I liked a lot but everyone warned me that it would be hard. I kept thinking that maybe I should just stick with an easy one. But then I decided to take it anyway and If I work hard and give it my everything sure it will pay off.
Here I am two years later doing perfectly fine loving everything about my studies and academic life.

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That's all I have to say thanks for reading