I have noticed how every person smiles in a different way depending on the situation or the person they are with.
There are smiles that ignite fires, the pure happines you feel inside just brusts out from your whole body and devours everything.
Other smiles can be described as "small, weak smiles". They are the ones we make daily. They don't hold any power in them and are not special.
The most precious kind of smiles is when you are with your loved one.
I have been thinking about what your smile would look like when you are with me. This will be my favourite smile in the world. I imagine your eyes, sparkly and wide open, filled with love for me and only me. I imagine your body trembling a little every time you look at me.
I imagine your mind going crazy and I imagine you, unable to control yourself, smiling softly and lovely at me, thinking if this moment is a miracle, sent from above. I hope you would wish that it lasts an eternity, because simply, a lifetime with me would not be long enough.
I hope you would do that. Because i already do.
I already know this smile would hold the power to change the world's opinion of what love is. This smile would hold magnitudes of love incomprehensive for some people. But we are going to show them baby, we are going to show them what love is in its purest form that has ever existed. You will be mine and i will be yours. Our smiles are going to ignite this world.