1. Twice are overrated
I've listened to some of their songs and they aren't anything new. its nothing against them its not my style.

2. NCT as a whole
I like this group and its subunits. But they have 18 members all together, and that just won't work out. I feel like they will only last an amount of time before they break up into their respective subunits. It must be hard to get gigs with 18 members, i'm just saying.

3. BlackPink is nothing new
Okay i will admit i think ddu-du-ddu-du is pretty catchy, also some of their other songs. They aren't bad at all its just they aren't anything new.

4. Fanwars
I just don't understand. Like why though? What's the point of them. Everyone has their own style of music that they like. Sure some groups are weller known but that doesn't mean that they aren't both good.
( I dont think weller is a word, but it is now )

5. SHINee
This isn't an opinion but you should go watch their comeback stage if you haven't already. Also their I want you mv. Highly recommend

6. All of day6's music song the same to me
I like that they are a kpop group that plays actual instruments but most of their songs all sound the same to me.

7. People telling grown ass men what to do
Now i understand that the kpop members value their fans opinion, but when they are telling them " not to date" or when fans are telling them to " cut their hair because they don't like it" . Like hello its not your place you should find where the line is because you've seemed to step way over it.

8. Hyuna needs more recognition
She's honestly great. And she's really hard working. she deserves all that shes worked hard for.

9. SF9 needs more attention
If you don't know who they are. They are of course a rookie kpop group who is pretty talented.

( some songs i recommend form them )
easy love
Jungle game
O Sole Mio
Watch out
Mamma Mia