Some songs I've been feelin' this month ;) some old, some new.

1. Still Got Time - Zayn

Image by Baby Troye purple, drink, and grunge image
"that smile gon' take you places"

2. Laidback - RAT BOY

aesthetic, boy, and color image purple, aesthetic, and cd image
"i didn't know your name when i saw you in the rain"

3. Palm Trees - SWMRS

coloured hair, joseph armstrong, and max becker image sky, car, and night image
"sarah smiles, in denial"

4. Fine Line - Mabel ft. Not3s

singer, talent, and mabel mcvey image flowers, rose, and pink image
"don't play me out cause i never loose"

5. Answerphone - Ella Eyre, Banx & Ranx, Yxng Bane

beauty, sleep, and yb image goal, model, and photo image
"i've been talking to your answerphone"

6. Just My Type - The Vamps

brad simpson, tristan evans, and james mcvey image girl, aesthetic, and eyes image
"I know that she's just my type"

7. Snap Out of it - Arctic Monkeys

alex turner and arctic monkeys image music, grunge, and indie image
"I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake, baby, snap out of it"

8. The Light Is Coming - Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj

ariana grande, ari, and ariana image aesthetic, ariana, and feed image
"Ah, Gonna break this shit down"

9. Want You Back - 5 Seconds Of Summer

Image by emmanouelita_1 food, drink, and pizza image
"i remember the freckles on your back, and the way that i used to make you laugh"

10. Sunshine Riptide - Fall Out Boy

adorable, FOB, and man image blurry, car, and fall out boy image
"Dancing all alone in the morning light"

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