Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Hi guys! So here's another article about my life as a student. I know a lot of you follow me because you're interested in my Let's Talk Sugar Series, but I'm here to remind you that it's not the only relevant content I write about. I'm currently focusing on my studies and my finals and so I thought writing an article about this would be nice for me and for the readers who feel interested.

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So... here are some words I have to say regarding my graduation.

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I grew up in a place where I didn't really have anyone to look up to. As a teenager, life was hard and I was always getting in trouble for things that escaped my control. I had many undiagnosed medical issues which made everyone believe I was an attention seeker which was very troubling as there were things wrong with me and people couldn't see it.

I always had trouble making friends as a child both while growing up in Madrid and Mallorca. There was no one I could trully connect with and it made me feel really alone while growing up. My class was also really particular about how they treated people who were different; bullying, ignoring and mean jokes.

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I've been in this class since 2007 after I moved to Mallorca and I must say (which was also said by many other people, among them professionals) that I haven't seen an environment as toxic as the one our class created. Over the years many people left (some people just couldn't handle it) and those who arrived never stayed long. For those of us who did, going to school every morning was agonizing. I remember wishing every morning I'd get hit by a car just so I wouldn't have to show up.

With this said, I grew up surrounded by very toxic people (including my own family) withouth any suport elsewhere. Over the time things got really bad until it got to a point where my mother couldn't deny it anymore and she got me help.

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Those two remaining years I really focused on my studies, my happiness and myself in general. I had the support of my parents and I was properly medicated to deal with my moodswings. During those last two years I worked really hard and got accepted into the Scientific course even though I was being told by everyone that I couldn't do it ('friends', teachers...) and now I've graduated being the fourth on my class and I'm really happy because I got accepted into medical school.

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Hey guys, guess who's in med school now!

It hasn't been an easy year, it hasn't been an easy life but I made it, we made it as a class. I am not writing this for my class nor do I intend it to be read by them because the wronged me and many others and I am not someone who forgives easily if at all, so please bear that in mind.

I will be saying goodbye to many people, some who deserve to be here now and others who do not. In the end, those who worked hard know it and those who didn't will know that eventually their luck will run out. I never expected to graduate, or at least those were my thoughts during many years.

I always thought that I wouldn't make it, that I wouldn't survive highschool and that I'd become one of those sob stories. But I didn't. I thrived and got over it. I worked hard, even when I was drawning in my own depression and filled with mental and physical illness, I still worked hard.

There are many people in my class who didn't deserve to pass, maybe because they don't care or maybe because they don't want to, but in the end we all got our diplomas and stood on the stage, smiling to people we didn't know or cared about. The principal said his goodbyes, even when we barely knew him he treated us like we were friends.

Many lies were said in this day, and let me tell you, I am so sick of lies. Everything about our education is fake, we didn't like learning, teachers didn't give a damn (aside from some exceptions) and we hated each other deeply. Yet the school keeps selling this image of unity and family. But we're not a family, maybe we were, once, a long time ago. But it's all over and I can happily say that I'm out.

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And I guess this is where my article end. Now, people will think whatever they want to think, but this is me, a very raw version of me, and if you're not happy with it, then you are welcome to leave this article. Because I am not here to be judged on your standars when you have not lived the life I lived and when you have not felt what I did. In any case, my advice: never give up, no matter how dark things get; keep going.

As a wise man said once:

If you're going through hell, keep going.

- Dahiandra

Btw I'm the one in the blue dress and if you can't tell I look so done.