The absolute truth does not exist, and this is absolutely true (can you see the sarcasm there?)

I know it is common around WHI..., these "tutorials" on how to make your life better, on how to move on after a heartbreaking breakup, when you're coming out of a rather long-lasting relationship, and you're hurting more than you could've ever imagined.

Truth be said, that was pretty much my intention when I started writing this article, but there is no way to feel better, no tutorial will make you "hurt less", and who says the opposite is a liar.

I haven't been on this planet long enough to say I have tons of experience when it comes to love, but I can say I have been through my fair share of stuff. I have baggage. Then again, though, we all do.

Honestly speaking I haven't been through an actual breakup.

You start off talking on FaceTime every day, and then it all comes crumbling down, because adding up to distance, there is school, exams, projects..., a life besides the relationship! And you start talking less, and less, and it's not even a proper "thing" anymore. So you don't talk in weeks, and there is some kind of unspoken agreement that you've "broken up".

People around you start noticing something is off with you, and they pry and ask questions you don't know the answer to. And the dreaded video-call happens, and you end it.

There is some kind of unknown phase of denial, where it is unbelievable you're not with that person anymore, because you know you love each other, you've just drifted apart. So you try to think you'll make it work, and you might even try..., but deep down, you know neither of you have it in you to do it all over, because your heart is shattered and you're simply tired.

Next up comes depression, where Netflix and ice cream are pretty much the main characters. There's nothing you feel like doing, it's like as if everything in your life had changed (and in fact it kinda had). There's no way to skip that part, but good news is it always ends, it's just a matter of time.

And then you are on an emotional rollercoaster, where there are really good days and the opposite of those, but you're eventually feeling essentially better, and you meet new people, and it all starts again.

So, my advice is, and it may not be considered helpful for some people: let yourself grief, let yourself feel the pain, and it will pass at some point, it may be sooner or later, but it will. We're people, we're allowed to fall many, many times, but we always have to get back on our feet, and fight.

What feels right at some point may not be, it's just about living the moment, and doing what makes us happy in that moment: we shouldn't regret what made us happy (as long as it's legal ay).

With the utmost of affection,