my name is Luma, i live in brazil and right now i'm using google translator to write this article because i'm not fluent enough to write it without help.

i want to recommend my favorite playlist on spotify, actually there are two.
the first one is called "nuances de vert", which means "green tones", i dont know how to explain this playlist, i put songs that remind me of the green color (which is my favorite) and calm me down.

the second is called "tristeza em forma de playlist" which means "sadness in the form of a playlist", i think the name is self-explanatory.
i listen when i'm sad and lonely and i need to listen to sad songs to make me sadder yet.

well, if you like them there's another good playlist for you to hear, the name is "copo cheio e zap vazio" meaning "full glass and empty whatsapp". it's a meme in brazil.

in the future i intend to bring a playlist with brazilian songs for those who have curiosity, no funk or sertanejo, i promise.

hope you like it.