So take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again.

Hey guys! I know I seem a lot less active than I was before my exams, but in fact many things have changed. Now that I have my results and that my finals are over, I can say with confidence that I can start over.

You probably don't know this since I usually don't enjoy talking about it, but I was bullied for most of life by my classmates. Leaving that environment and moving away is the opportunity for a fresh start that I trully needed, which is what this article is all about; fresh starts.

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In this article I decided to list everything that needs to be done to get a fresh start and a new mindset, so please read if you find yourself in a moment in your life where you're not happy with who you are and how other people view you.

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1. Deep cleaning

This is the most important step in this article and a way to start a new refreshed lifestyle. Most of us keep things that we no longer use or that bring ugly memories. Clean out your closet and desk, throw everything that makes you unhappy or that you haven't used in a long while. Clean surfaces and give your room and spaces a small makeover. Change things up a bit.

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2. Do everything you've been putting off until now

There are many errands and other activities that can spend weeks and even months on my to do list, a small way to get your life together is to tackle those subjects so that your to do list does start emptying itself. Getting everything done is a wonderful way to feel complete and like you've achieved everything you had to do.

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3. Digital deep cleaning

Most of the time we clean our room or our house and we're satisfied of the result, but as soon as we open our computer we find out that everything is a mess. Because of this there's nothing better than emptying folders, throwing away files you no longer need or use or declutter your home screen and organize your documents by subjects. Organize your spotify playlist, unsubscribe from youtube channels you no longer like... declutter your digital space and soon your own mind will follow.

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4. Journaling

Sometimes we think too much and we carry many things in our minds. It is good for people to write down their thoughts or feeling periodically in a journal or diary, this way the mind can be decompressed and focus on something else. Journaling is also a good way to keep track of ideas or trail of thoughts you wouldn't be able to put back together again if you hadn't written it in the first place.

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5. Meditate

I know many of you aren't keen on meditating, either because it feels strange to do so or because influencers and youtubers do it so often it has become kind of a joke. Yet, meditating has many benefits for the mind and body and does not need to be as time consuming as most people believe it to be. I usually meditate at night while listening to music, letting my imagination wander.

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6. Work out / Yoga

Just like the mind, the body needs to work itself. It's not about being hot or skinny, but about finding healthy habits and sticking to them so that your body does not wither away. Going out for a run or working out can change your body and the way you see the world around you.

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7. Change your approach

Sometimes we have goals and priorities that do not defines us or who we want to be. Changing our approach to those goals can change the way we view everything along with the reasons of why we do it. Sometimes we prioritize work over happiness or the other way around, but our priorities are allowed to change over time to find balance.

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I do believe this is the end of my article. Thank you very much to all my followers and to everyone who does enjoy my articles, I hope this was somewhat helpful for those people looking to start a new life or to reset themselves.
- Dahiandra