Favorite Member:

Harry Styles and Dallas image
My Cupcake Haz

First Song I Heard:

one direction, zayn malik, and Harry Styles image what makes you beautiful and one direction image

Favorite Album:

one direction, midnight memories, and liam payne image one direction, made in the am, and Harry Styles image

Favorite Covers:

Image by arzu Harry Styles, one direction, and teenage dirtbag image
Torn & Teenage Dirtbag

Favorite Music Video:

onedirection image
Best Song Ever

Favorite Ship:

larry stylinson, larry, and louis tomlinson image beautiful, laughing, and ship image larry stylinson, louis tomlinson, and Harry Styles image gif, larry, and Harry Styles image
Larry Stylinson

Fav Haz Song:

dimples, school, and Harry Styles image

Fav Lou Song:

louis tomlinson, gif, and miss you image
Miss You

Fav Liam Song:

liam payne, j balvin, and familiar image

Fav Niall Song:

boys, niall horan, and slow hands image
Slow Hands

Fav Zayn Song:

zayn, zayn malik, and celebrity image entertainer, zayn, and malik image
Entertainer & Let Me


Yeah I have one MITAM Shirt and an old bracelet from 2013 lol