Selena Gomez is my idol. I have million reasons why i love her, but i'll show you some of them:

1. She's doing, what she's doing, for fans and don't care about haters.
2. She's my inspiration, because she always uses her platform and shares her stories to the world.
3. She was on Disney. She acted very well on this channel. Her TV show has received Emmy.
4. All of her project, which she was worked has received Grammy (Bad Blood music video), Emmy (Wizards of waverly place and Emmy for 13RW, where she is executive producer), Golden Globe and OSCARS for Big Short and Ama's (one of the biggest award in America and in world) for her job.
5. She's most awarded ex-act.
6.She's activist. She supports BlackLivesMatter, she posted photo on IG and said, that she supports. She also supports TIMES UP, woman organization. Selena donated 1 million dollars for it. She also supports LGBTQ community and projected her song Back To You to Trevor's Project which is LGBTQ supporter and helps LGBTQ people. She takes part in song HANDS for Orlando shooting. She was on L.A. pride on 2013 with her friend Francia. Also Selena starring homosexuality in her Bad Liar music video and looked at gay couple in her Same Old Love music video. In that video is an episode, where Selena is in bar and she saw that there are 2 or 3 Lesbian couples. In I want you to know music video she kissed herself and one girl when she was dancing.
7. She is UNICEF ambassador since 2009 when she was 17. She is the youngest ambassador ever.
8. She has lupus. She is so strong, because she don't give up.
9. She's only ex-act of the generation, who graced Vogue US and Ariana and Selena, both are only ex-acts who graced TIME magazine.
10. She's singer, songwriter, executive producer, actress, model, designer, composer, bussinessperson, stylist, philanthropist, voice actor and dancer.